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Jan Barboglio’s Famous Margarita Recipe

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1010ParkPlace loves meeting women who are creative. Women who enjoy pulling rabbits out of hats and making something out of nothing. Strong, smart women with a survivorship streak as wide as the Grand Canyon. Jan Barboglio is one of those women. Her rustic, yet elegant, handmade furniture and accessories have been featured in Veranda and Architectural Digest. In her recent 1010ParkPlace interview, Jan shared her special margarita recipe.

Serrano Peppers

“Lots of Cointreau, lots of tequila and serrano peppers really makes it good,” said Jan. “Slice the peppers lengthwise and get rid of the seeds. I get a margarita mix. The one I like is called, On the Border.

“I have three bottles. I’ll put a third of the mix, a third of the Cointreau, and a third of the tequila in each bottle and have that already mixed before anyone arrives.

“Then I cut the oranges and limes in half. Put the spinach, the blackberries and the serranos in a big bowl. Pour in your tequila mixture and garnish it: Squeeze the oranges and limes and then throw them in there. It’s quite beautiful.”


  • 1010 Park Place August 30, 2015 at 11:18 pm

    I made Jan’s margarita recipe this weekend for my girlfriends. It’s wonderful. So different from any other margarita recipe I’ve tried, and the fruit makes it beautiful. Don’t let the serrano peppers scare you. If you don’t like spicy, perhaps you try just one serrano to see how you like it. The key is to remove the seeds. The seeds are what makes them hot.

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