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It’s that time of year, again, when we deck the halls and raise a toast to family and friends and to Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas, which means it’s not a moment too soon to order our Holiday gifts. I’ve curated a tantalizing array of luxury and budget friendly items and subscriptions to food boxes that will make your mouth drool.

Come take a peek because there may be something that has your name on it.

These gifts range in price from $35 to $325, things we’d like someone to give us as well as gifts for our girlfriends, daughters and mothers. Just hover over each piece with your mouse or your finger and click, and it will take you to the product online.

A great necklace that’s in keeping with the current trends and looks more expensive than it is.

A couple of years ago I bought a faux fur throw like this one, and I love it! I fold it horizontally and lay it at the very end of my bed. It makes it look like I’ve stepped into a posh NYC boutique hotel.

I can never find a stylish warm cap when I need one. This one is beautiful and looks great regardless of your hair color.

You can never have too many good quality makeup brushes, especially ones that are travel size, come in their own small bag and fit in your purse. Most of my good brushes are from Bobbie Brown.

If you’re fifteen or over fifty this chic little earbud carrier, with earbuds inside, is the perfect gift. No more messing with cords that get tangled and it fits neatly in your purse, on your desk or in your computer case.

A great duster will class up your wardrobe, especially a duster in a neutral color you can wear with anything. This one is cashmere and also comes in a light tan.

Here’s my cashmere duster. I wear it with a white long sleeved t-shirt or cashmere sweater, black pants, my Vince slip-ons and the cameo necklace from my friend, Anna Porcu. It’s great to wear out to dinner or curled up on the couch with a book.

I LOVE this leopard print smocked blouse. The sleeves are sheer but the bodice isn’t. Dress it up with a black leather skirt or black pants or wear it with jeans and the cashmere duster!

RiverFinn, Solid Milk Chocolate Coins, foil wrapped in gold foil. Kosher certified, 2 pounds, perfect for Hanukkah and Christmas.

Luxury Gifts to give to yourself or for your main squeeze to give to you!

Elizabeth Locke’s “Rearing Horse” pendant is a 19-karat hand-hammered yellow gold with four, round white diamonds, .35 total diamond carat weight. The pendant is approx 7″ square with a hinge bale clasp. Elizabeth Locke incorporates antique pieces and original 17th C molds.

Paul Morelli’s polished 18-karat yellow gold stacked wire bracelet with diamonds, .45 total diamond carat weight.

Marco Bicego’s Africa Collection, 18K yellow gold boule necklace of different sizes. All individually hand-engraved and textured.

Gifts for the Men in Your Life

The perfect wallet size carrier for all of his charging cords and chargers to keep him organized. It comes in black as well.

For the man in your life who doesn’t like jewelry but who would wear something made out of braided leather and silver. From David Yurman.

Most of the men I know consider themselves “Meat Masters.” Whether they know their way around a grill or not, this smart meat thermometer works on a Bluetooth wireless connection and will make them the hero of your next BBQ.

Books, books, books!

The riveting, true life account of how the greedy, bickering Gucci family lost control of an empire–how Maurizio Gucci’s ex-wife was sentenced to 29 years in prison for arranging his murder. Lady Gaga stars in the soon-to-be released film of the same name.

Walter Isaacson delivers an enthralling detective story, crackling with ambition, feuds, scientific laboratories and self-taught mavericks. A look at Jennifer Doudna, the 2020 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry for the gene editing technology, CRISPR.

I can’t remember a time when mankind and our planet needed hope for the future more than we do now. Jane Goodall and Douglas Abrams share Goodall’s revelations about hope and her profound revelations about her next, and perhaps final, adventure.

Named one of the best cookbooks of the year by Food Network, Mimi Thorisson captures over 100 recipes from Tuscany to Umbria and Naples and her family’s life in Italy. Gorgeous photographs are interspersed with passion, place, and the magic of Italian cooking.

Actor Stanley Tucci’s intimate and charming memoir of life in and out of the kitchen. Funny, heart-breaking and beautifully written. Come hungry for the food, the cocktails, the gossip and the fun.

Food Subcriptions! Yum!

Your choice of a 12, 6 or 3 month subscription to Harry & David’s Wine & Cheese Pairing Club.

Zingerman’s, a favorite of online gourmets, this monthly mail-order service offers a wide selection of cheese from around the world.

Enjoy the Holidays my friends!

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12 thoughts on “HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2021”

  1. I have to stop reading your blog, you are costing me too much money with your great taste. First was that blue/white Maje sweater of your friend Lesley that you kindly tracked down for me. Yes I bought it!! And now that cashmere “duster”, or what I would call a sweater! Same idea, but for now, love it. Whose please. Abd I love love love Paul Morelli. One of my great regrets is not having bought a pair of pearl earrings I fell in love with.. too expensive as a young woman newly back from school/living in Paris…but then I found them in Last Call at Neiman Marcus in NJ… I didn’t buy, thought about it, ,and drove back the next day to do so…I had to have them, but alas gone. They WILL turn up (decades later) at an auction right?… my fervent wish.. stay safe !!

  2. Hi Ellyn, Good taste is a gift and a curse, and it sounds like you know both sides of the coin. If you hover your mouse over the duster or any of the pieces I’ve listed and then click on it with your mouse or your finger, it will take you directly to the product page. Then you can decide whether you want to let your financial guard down. Ah yes, Paul Morelli… I fondly remember the first time one of his pieces beckoned to me. I was in Bergdorf’s in NYC, with 15 minutes to kill before my meeting in the building across the street. Time for a quick walk through of Bergdorf’s first floor. From across the room the diamonds in one of his bracelets lit up like shooting stars. I walked to the case and asked to see the bracelet, then put it on my wrist and handed them my credit card. No box. Just the bracelet. Then I left with my treasure and made my meeting on time. Sometimes you just know when it’s meant to be. xoxox, Brenda

  3. Oh, Brenda, So many luscious goodies – and while I want every one of them, it’s funny that what caught my eye was Stanley Tucci’s book!
    I have such a fan-girl crush on him! Just watched The Big Night again recently… can’t wait to read a book by him.
    Looking forward to catching up with you in person, soon!

    • Donna, I would have predicted you’d be charmed by Tucci’s book! You’re always making something delicious and beautiful. BTW, a few weeks ago I was on a zoom call with Stanley Tucci and Blake Lively, organized by William Sonoma. While he was wonderful as always, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Blake, her emerald earrings and her fabulous bedroom! Miss you my friend. xoxox, Brenda

    I too am making my lists and checking them TWICE!!!BOOKS this year are my GO TOO.

    • Elizabeth I’m not surprised you’ve already read Tucci’s book. Having lived in Italy and being married to an Italian, there must of been lots of things you could relate to. Books are always a great idea for a gift. I already have his book, but if anybody’s thinking about sending me a Christmas gift, I’d be thrilled with any of the other books. Ciao! xoxox, Brenda

  5. I shall simply say I want it all, what great choice if books let alone jewellery and the cashmere….
    Who doesn’t love a food & wine subscription?
    Fabulous choices, though 8 don’t want to choose.

    • Hi Karen! Have you looked at the prices? Except for the luxury items and the food, you could buy everything for under $500. That way you don’t have to choose and show the rest to Santa. xoxox, Brenda

  6. I want them all. I’m going to forward your blog to my husband and my daughters. Especially want the duster, all the books and the diamond bracelet. Loved your Bergdorf story! XoBarb

    • Smart woman, Barb! Let husband and daughters know what you want. Do you ever buy yourself a Christmas gift? I’ve always know I was buying a great gift for someone else when I wanted one too! LOL! xoxo, Brenda

    • LOL! Thank you, Angela! You’re right. Seven inches square is almost a breast plate! Have no idea where I got that, but obviously it’s wrong. I’ve looked on several sites to clarify, but can only say the one I’ve listed is the larger of two horse pendants by Elizabeth Locke, but still… It’s not that big! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. xoxox, Brenda

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