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Framing Family Heirlooms

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I don’t know about you but I am extremely sentimental.

It warms my heart to see something that reminds me of a loved one.

Have you inherited some favorite items of your loved ones but don’t know what to do with them? Here are some creative ways to frame those items and display them in your home.

Vintage Scarves

I love how these vintage Hermes scarves are framed and displayed as art. It doesn’t have to be a designer scarf to be worthy of your wall. If you have a colorful scarf that reminds you of a loved one, frame it and display it.

Vintage Scarves

via Skonahem

Grandmother’s Dressing Room Accessories

Shadow boxes are a great way to display items. I love these mother of pearl dressing room accessories framed and displayed in a bathroom.

Grandmother's Dressing Room Accessories

via Britt Chudleigh

Nana’s Earings

This simple yet sentimental shadow box filled with her grandmother’s clip on earings is darling, don’t you agree?

Nana's earings

via Melissa Morgan

Mom’s China

If you inherit some beautiful china but have no intention of using it, don’t let it collect dust. Frame a few pieces for a striking display.

Framed Plates

via Grand Johnson

Military Flag

I framed my father-in-law’s flag, and we proudly display it in our great room.

Framed Military Flag

via OMG Lifestyle Blog

Dad’s Smoking Pipes

Many friends have fond memories of a father or grandfather smoking a pipe. I like the way these four pipes were grouped together and framed.

Framed Pipes

via Fast Frame 

Vintage Coins

Even vintage coins can create a nice sentimental piece of art when displayed in a frame.

Vintage coins

via Fast Frame

What unique family heirlooms can you frame?

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  • Beckye December 16, 2017 at 8:53 am

    These are all beautifully done! Thank you for sharing these! Love your ideas on how to keep our cherished ones in heart and mind. Beautiful way to remember and honor them!

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