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I feel like you know me well enough that I can tell you this. Last night I told the “invisible man” in my house to take a hike and never come back. It sounds bizarre, I know, but when Annie and I are sitting on the sofa in the living room, she often stares intently at something on Keith’s wall. She’s not looking at Keith but at the old Spanish chair to the left of him. It’s like someone’s sitting there. Then “it/they” get up and move around the end table and stand behind me. Most of the time I blow it off, but sometimes I find myself looking where Annie’s eyes are moving, hoping to see a flying bug, but I never see anything. Last night it creeped me out. 

If I’m going crazy, at least Annie’s coming with me.

The chair in my current house Annie seems fixated on… When she sees something there she sits upright, ramrod straight posture, eyes locked on whatever it is. The creepy thing is her eyes move like someone is getting up out of the chair and then walks behind me.

This is not the first time I’ve been aware of possible haints. The first time it happened I lived in the infamous Spy House on the Hill (San Antonio’s name for the house, not mine), and I became aware of a group of “women” in the master bath who wanted me to “do something.” I never saw or heard them, but somehow I knew they were female.

These incidences only happened when I was wet, fresh out of the shower and I always felt like something awful would happen to me if I gave in to them. That’s as far as I can explain it because I would stop it by leaving the room. (Yes, I know, we could have moved, but this was one of the all-time most fabulous houses. Besides, most every house has a drawback… a bright streetlight outside your bedroom window; you don’t like the neighbors… )

My first husband, Philip, was a scientist who dealt in absolute proof, told me, “I know you’re not crazy, and I believe you believe it, but until I have that same experience… “

Then there was our friend, Jerry, who house sat for us once when we were out of town. When we called to check on things, Jerry was packing his bag, moments from running…. yes, running… out the door. When Philip asked if something was wrong, Jerry said, “I don’t want to talk about it. Don’t ever ask me about it, and I’ll never house sit again!” Then he hung up. Jerry and Philip had been friends since they were 13-years-old. We knew him. Something happened to him in that house.

Fast forward to after Philip died. By then I’d experienced these “events” 75-100 times over the 17 years Philip and I lived there together. And then… One day I’d had enough! I felt the need to confront them, head on, but not in the bathroom.

The only photo of the bathroom in the Spy House I can find at the moment. It was taken right before James and I moved so all my pretty things around the 1930’s tub were already packed. You can see a little bit of the shower door to the left of the tub.

Naked and soaking wet, I got out of the shower and walked into Philip’s dressing room and sat down, crosslegged, on the floor. I was angry this kept happening and in my loudest, nastiest voice I told “them” if they wanted to talk to me, they could do it here and now. “If not, get the f*** out of my house and leave me alone!” These incidents never happened to me again.

A few years after Philip died some friends from Washington, D.C. came to visit me. The husband’s back was in bad shape so I offered he and his wife the master bedroom with my brand new firm mattress, and I stayed in the guest room. The next morning their teenage daughter (who slept upstairs) came bounding into the kitchen, all excited, saying, “Wait til you hear what happened to mom in your bathroom!” Yep… She had the same experience. They moved to a hotel for the rest of their stay. They were both PhDs. She was one of the countries foremost authorities on mass transit systems. Solid, smart… nothing kooky.

Fast forward another six or seven years. I’m newly married to James, logical, an attorney. I returned from an early morning water aerobics class to find he hadn’t left for work. He was waiting for me. He was visibly alarmed and shaken. You guessed it. The same thing happened to him… in the bathroom. BTW, these incidents were something I’d shared only with Philip.

Annie always watches “it” move from the chair to the left of Keith, around the end of table with the lamp and stand behind me. 

About last night and a dozen other nights in the last year… I’m not sure what to think. Could my house in this sleepy suburban community have a haint? 

Perhaps I should make my next post about my friend, the catholic priest, the Comanche Indians and how I got rid of “them,” for good, in the Spy House on the Hill.

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  1. I believe you. I have never had a paranormal experience but just because something is not visible to the eye doesn’t make it imaginary. Our ancient farmhouse must have spirits, and when we move in, I’m preparing myself to accept that fact and will, if I have an encounter, mimick your approach. You’re brave.

    • Mithra, Hopefully if you have an experience it will be a good one. Next Saturday I’m writing about how I got rid of “them” so no one else in my home would ever come in contact with them. It may come in handy for you! xoxox, Brenda

    • LOL! Doreen… That’s an interesting way to put it. Never thought about that. Thanks. That’s the most comforting thought I’ve had about this. xoxox, Brenda

  2. You definitely are being visited. My old house in Louisiana was being haunted by its previous owner. He smoked cigars and at around 11:30 pm the smoke would appear in his old office. He would turn lights off and on and same thing our dog would follow him. I called our ghost busters in New Orleans and sure thing they caught it on film! He still visits the house today. Fortunately he was a pastor and apparently just doesn’t realize the house isn’t his any longer. I have a PhD in psychology and possibly I’ve gone crazy but not revolving around this case. Oh and let’s not forget the phone call (in my sleep) from my mother 24 hours after her death letting me know I did a fine job taking care of her and she would see me on the other side! People don’t disappear, they are just behind the veil watching us!

    • Camille! You’re experiences go way beyond mine. I’ve never seen or smelled anyone… I take that back… I do have a story where I saw someone, but I’m not sure I’ll share. Ghost Busters… Interesting. If someone was going to make a living doing that, I imagine NOLA would be the right place. Next week I’ll tell you how I got the ladies to leave my house for good and after it was over, what I learned from a friend who was a Catholic priest in Mexico. Porch ceilings on a lot of houses in the south are painted blue to keep the spirits away. Sherwin Williams even has a color called “Haint Blue.” Loved your addition to the conversation! Thanks, Brenda

  3. I believe you too! You may have these encounters because you have a more open mind-set than most. I have had an encounter, only once as a child when my father came to my bedroom door. My husband has met a spirit as well, a great-grandfather on his rocking chair, beard and all! The unseen is as real as our Souls, Angels and God/The Universe.

    • Holly, You may be right about my being able to sense these things more than most people. My mother was very intuitive. I don’t know if she was ever aware of spirits. That’s not something she would have talked about if she did. I’m a woman of faith but I’m not sure where this ranks on the list of things God wants us to get personally get involved with. Your instances are interesting. Thanks for letting me know. Unusual but kind of comforting. Brenda

  4. Remember the Dos XX commercials about the Most Interesting Man in the World?
    He’s got NOTHING on you!!
    Yes, I believe in spirits/ghosts. Had one or more in in our house… a friend told me to declare: If you sre gere to harm me, get out! If not, welcome! No more probs after that.

    • Donna, Funny! That guy was a little too smug and satisfied with himself. Hope I’m nothing like him. Interesting declaration from your friend. Thanks! xoxox, Brenda

  5. I have never sensed a ghost but I did find out that a room at a B&B husband and I stayed in several years ago was haunted. Many people reported waking up finding someone (unseen) was holding their hand. I am so happy I knew this only after our final night, as I decided to read from the book left in the room for people to record their feelings about staying in the place. The B&B was in an antebellum house and I didn’t find out anything more about the ghost. I have a feeling I’m not tuned into other worlds the way a lot of people seem to be – but at the same time, you don’t have to worry about me ever asking to be your house guest. Brrrr!

    • Alana, Now that’s creepy!!! I’m wondering why the majority of the stories about spirits I’ve heard about have happened in the south? Need to research that one! If anyone has an idea, please let me know! xoxox, Brenda

  6. One of my patients who said she was psychic told me my office (circa 1920’s) had three different spirits living in it, and that they approved of me, thank goodness. Before she ever mentioned it, I would see things out of the corner of my eye. Movement. A shadow. And I’ve heard some stories just like yours… I’ve made my peace with the fact that there will be things I simply don’t know, or don’t understand. But I’m not sure I could have quite your bravado. Think I’m going to call you if one of my office spirits decides they don’t like me after all…

    • Margaret, Interesting! I don’t pretend to understand or communicate with “spirits,” but they’ve come in and out of my life. Except for my first husband… who I told reluctantly… I never shared it with anyone else. I think it has the potential to make people sound like they’re nutty, so it hasn’t been a conversation I’ve engaged in, until now. This coming week I’ll share how I got rid of them for good so at least you’ll be armed with info should you need it. I appreciate your contribution to the conversation. xoxox, Brenda

  7. In my thirties, I went to a ‘psychic’ school and did readings of strangers who came for sessions. I managed to a good job, even though when I closed my eyes I saw no images. I never know whether it came for some sense beyond our recognized ones, or perhaps my own intuition. But it left me believing there are many things that can happen not recognized by science to date. It is wonderful how you claimed your space and set your boundaries. We have power too! I’m much happier having used my intuition over the years to do Trager Bodywork, Image Consulting and Home Staging. @sheilamerle1

    • Sheila!!! Your comment about going to a psychic school is a chapter unto itself! I want to know more. A) When did you first realize you had this ability? B) How has it affected your life? C) Psychic School? I’ve never heard of those. How do you qualify to enroll? Fascinating! My space and my boundaries… Yes we all have those, but I’m saddened by how many women are afraid to claim them. Perhaps they don’t know how. Thank you for an awesome comment, Brenda

  8. Wow, Brenda! You need some elders /pastor to come pray. You could pray yourself in the Lord’s name, but personally I would want some spiritual authorities there! Eek! Hoping your admonition to get lost proves effective! Sorry you’ve had so much of that previously and have had that recently. Yikes. You’re nicer and braver than I to put up with it for so long! Looking forward to next week’s edition!

  9. I would have to dig into the history of the house and see if there is something behind these visits. I certainly believe in the possibility.

  10. Good god. Don’t you need sage? Burning sage? I’ve got a woman in book Club that has beings in her house. She’s very big on burins Sage. So get thee to the market and burn a bunch of sage.I believe you. obviously a lot of people enjoy being around you.

    • Sandra, I did burn sage at the Spy House. Will tell you about it in my next post. LOL! If people want to be around me, I wish they’d just invite me to dinner! xoxox, Brenda

    • Thank you, Sandy. This photo is of Keith Richards (not Mick) was a huge splurge for me and was taken in 1985, for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, by the fabulous Albert Watson. He’s shot over 100 cover for Vogue, 40 covers for Rolling Stone magazine, major ad campaigns for Prada, Chanel, the portrait of Steve Jobs for the cover of his biography; Kate Moss chose him to photograph her nude as a birthday present to herself. My supermodel friends and those behind the scenes treat him as though he were a god. Actually my friend, Sandy Linter, was Keith’s makeup artist on this shoot. We don’t hear about Albert Watson as often as Avedon and Penn, but his honors, including from the Queen of England, and the museums his work appears in are too numerous to mention. xoxox, Brenda

  11. Wowza! All I can say is that I have never had a ghostly experience of that sort, but I have no reason not to believe you. I have experienced some completely inexplicable incidents of a different nature, equally implausible ( feeling certain things that were happening hundreds of miles away when they actually occurred, “knowing“ certain things before they occurred), and thus my belief that there are many things beyond our knowledge. And I think I’m fine with that. Meanwhile, I applaud your guts for telling “them“ to get the f*** out!

    On a completely different note, it’s nice to see another fan of the Barcelona chair. It’s very pretty in that toffee color. (I’m semi-addicted to interesting and beautiful chairs, from late 18th century children’s chairs to mid-century modern. My own Barcelona (so comfy) is black, and nearby are two zigzags and a pair of New England Queen Anne transitional country chairs, all of which I adore. Mid-century modern, late 18th / federal, and contemporary art or photography all mix beautifully together.)

    • DA, You are going to love tomorrow’s Brenda’s Blog!! It’s called “For the Love of Chairs!” I’m a chair freak so it sounds like we’re on the same page. My Barcelona’s look good from afar, but up close they have Blanche Dubois’s cat scratches and buttered popcorn fingertips plus they’re faded. The chairs are originals, not one of the newer ones that are welded together, but one solid cast piece. I’ve thought about having Knoll make new cushions but then I checked out the prices…Eeeek!!! So, I’ll just fondly remember how my chairs got their patina. xoxox, Brenda

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