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Well my fellow fashionistas, I am bound and determined not to let the holiday frenzy get to me or my wardrobe. I want an easy look that’s put together and fab. A look that goes from running around town to lunch with the girls.

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about the way American women dress as opposed to our European counterparts. European women have always dressed in a way that’s luxe without being too precious, but effortlessly chic. It got me thinking… What is an American style that’s uniquely ours?

I always think of Ralph Lauren when I think of American style.

Known for his preppy looks, art deco elegance and Adirondack ease, it’s his take on the Old West I like best. It’s simple sophistication and relaxed style.

Now Darlings, if I were to wear a western inspired look from head to toe, I would look like an extra from Gunsmoke, or worse yet, Blazing Saddles! The trick is to give it an urban edge, adding modern pieces to bring the whole look up to date.

Let’s start with my Sartore ankle boots. They give a nod to the Old West yet look current and comfy. These are perfect with bootcut or skinny jeans.

Nothing says American casual style more than a denim jacket. So versatile, the style options are endless. I buttoned mine up to the top and added a statement necklace under the collar. This Polo Trucker Jacket from Ralph Lauren will be in my wardrobe for years to come.

Instead of a blue denim jean, I chose an off-white cream. It adds a little warmth to the whole look and is a nice contrast to my denim jacket. These skinny ankle jeans from Ralph Lauren have a comfy stretch. Adding this Ariat Concho Buckle Belt gives it a vibe that says, “I’ll meet you back at the ranch after my Starbucks run.”

With it’s warm tone and western tooled leather, the Tuscano Tote from Patricia Nash, is the perfect compliment to my ensemble. It’s large enough to carry gifts, tins of peppermint bark, and of course my Turkey Flat Vineyard Wine!

To top it all off I wanted the outerwear icon! A camel coat is a classic that never goes out of style. Mine is by Loro Piana, and it instantly makes my denim look more polished and put together.

So my dear Cowgirls, enjoy all your holiday shopping and preparations while looking casual and chic. Don’t forget to take some time to enjoy the twinkle lights!

Cheers Loves,
XOXO, Hildie

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If you’re on Instagram then more than likely you already know style icon, Hildie Plumpepper, the silver-haired gal on the go. In many ways Hildie is every woman. She wears everything the rest of us would love to wear; can’t afford to wear or have the guts to wear. On Instagram, Hildie Plumpepper is a sensation. We’re familiar with her joie de vivre; the designers she knows; the women who inspire her—and who she inspires—and we love her sense of adventure and fun with fashion. This is Hildie’s first Fashion Blog, and 1010ParkPlace is honored to welcome her!

7 thoughts on “COWGIRL CHIC”

  1. I love this, Hilde!! It’s just the kind of casually-chic style I’m working toward!
    Thank you, I hope your Thanksgiving Day was delightful.
    XO Donna

    • Donna, I’m so delighted you liked my cowgirl chic Hildie! I think it’s a look that would look great while on the road! Chic where ever you go! Thank you my dear and I hope you’re enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend too!
      XOXO, Jill Anthony

  2. You’re funny about looking like an extra from Gunsmoke or Blazing Saddles, but that can happen if we’re not careful. Thank you for the style lesson, Hildie! xoxox, Brenda

  3. Hi Brenda! Yes, it’s so true! Maybe an accessory too many or leather with fringe! It’s a fine fashion line you don’t want to cross! This was a fun one! Who doesn’t have a little cowgirl in them?!!!
    XOXO, Jill Anthony

  4. I loved the illustration, and after reading the post, I must say that indeed Ralph Lauren is the best designer to choose from or get inspired. No one like Hildie to proposed a chic and modern version of it!

  5. Chuky, I’m delighted that you liked the illustration! This was an especially fun one to do! I always get inspired by Ralph Lauren ads and runway shows. I think his looks are easy to achieve and can work on every budget. Well thank you my ever so chic friend!
    XOXO, Jill Anthony

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