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Boxed In by Downsizing


In our quest to further downsize so we can travel regularly, yesterday we moved in 100 degree heat. Today I feel shell-shocked as I look around me. For the first time, I’m not sure where to put anything, or even where to begin. Me, the Organizer of All Things, and the one responsible for packing, can’t figure this out.

My brain appears to have seized up, and for some reason, so has our water heater. All I wanted this morning was a strong cup of coffee and a hot shower. I didn’t think that was asking too much.

We moved from a two-bedroom apartment to this newer, smaller, two-bedroom apartment just five minutes away. Apples to apples, right? As I’ve discovered, that ain’t necessarily so.

Our previous residence was constructed as high-end condos in the early 1980’s, right before the Savings and Loan debacle here in Texas. Afterward, their target-audience could no longer afford to buy expensive condos, so they have been leased out ever since.

The difference between high-end, predominantly concrete construction, and our new place, became evident last night as we lay in bed listening to the herd of zebra living upstairs as they thundered from room to room.

Today I need to figure out how to motivate myself to unpack the 1,400 square feet of boxes which now sit two deep in our 1,000 square foot apartment. Even a delivery from Amazon left me in tears this afternoon because I just couldn’t deal with one more box. But my tears turned to joy when that box contained the new cushions for my wicker dining set.

Thinking about how wonderful everything will look when the kitchen and dining area are beautifully organized gave me exactly the motivation and sense of direction I needed.

Who knew that could come in a box?

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Donna O’Klock spent 35 years in the beauty business, talking, teaching, and learning. These days, she’d “rather write than talk. It’s better that way because I can edit.” She writes two blogs, and, and is the author of  Sick and Tired & Sexy: Living Beautifully with Chronic Illness.

Austin, Texas, has been her home since 1978, but she and her fiancé have downsized and are traveling the country in their RV.

11 thoughts on “Boxed In by Downsizing”

  1. Wishing you happiness and joy in your new home, Donna! Once you get that kitchen and dining room done, they’ll motivate you to keep going with the rest! Esther xx

  2. My sympathies surrounding the headaches of moving. The whole process is physically and emotionally exhausting! I’ve had three residences this year, versus two in the previous 30 years. Downsizing, packing, unpacking… then the galloping herd upstairs… That’s why I moved. Nightly, the Marine, upstairs, got cranked up about 11:30pm and used his girlfriend as a punching bag. As I tried to go to sleep, I could hear her begging him to stop. The second day I lived there, the police responded three times! Now I’m renting and have no space. Ugh! xoxo, Brenda

    • That’s a horror story! And I really feel your pain, Brenda! I got brave, and went upstairs to meet them and explain how loud things are downstairs.
      Poor construction, of course. They were very nice and things have improved a lot! I think I will gift them some extra wine glasses and a bottle of wine that won’t fit in my rack….two birds, you know!

  3. As a person who has moved frequently, I find that with each successive move, I need less and less stuff. My new mantra is keep the memory, get rid of the stuff. But don’t touch my coffee cup collection…you have to have some standards!

    • I am right there with you, Sue! That’s what I have been learning. However, I’m only half of the equation here, and he has decidedly NOT learned that yet!
      Like you, the coffee machine, and cups, always have pride of place!

    • Now, that’s a move!! I’m worried that it may also take me months and months to get organized…but I don’t have any reason other than overwhelm. Nothing that sleeping for a whole weekend won’t fix!

  4. Down-sizing is awesome. 18 months ago we went from 2400+ to 1100+! Needless to say the pool table was the first to go. We love our new smaller “cottage” in a 55+ community. Now I will confess it took some getting used to and we are still unpacking boxes in the garage. Don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and shrink too quickly. Steadily we march to a smaller carbon footprint. BTW-I don’t miss the pool table at all!

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