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Photographs by Jennifer Denton, ©1010ParkPlace 2018

Hello Girlfriends! I hope you and your families are safe from mudslides and this brutal winter weather. Another cold front is blowing through my courtyard. Annie and Lulu are hilarious, running around in circles, one after the other, chasing piles of swirling leaves.

Today I want to share my favorite outfit: black pants and a white shirt. You can never go wrong wearing black and white! It’s classic and sharp.

You can dress it up or dress it down, and it lends itself to a wide range of accessories in different colors.

I get excited when I see my favorite fashion bloggers over 50, wearing prints but as the saying goes, “Old habits die hard.” Like a compass that always points north, I gravitate toward solid colors. You can count the number of prints I’ve owned on one hand.


Before I found this Rocio Silk Ruffle Sleeve blouse I wasn’t familiar with the Alexis line, but now I find myself looking online to see what else they have.

Every time I’m in NYC, you’ll find me at Henri Bendel. Their bags are chic, in style, well-priced and well-made from the same materials as more expensive bags. I bought this thin, black clutch there almost four years ago.

My belt is from Worth New York and is almost 15-years-old. The “belt buckle” is silver mesh, rimmed with rhinestones and a large topaz looking stone in the center. I also wear it with a long, Rick Owens black sweater, black leather pants and no jewelry. It’s a great elevated casual, yet elegant look.

These silver bow flats I’ve had forever. They’re Stuart Weiztman, one of the only brands narrow enough to stay on my 6A width skinny feet. Since I have a hard time finding shoes that fit, I take good care of them, storing them in their box with firmly packed tissue in the toes and several folded rows of tissue between each shoe. It also keeps curious puppies from picking up a shoe and disappearing under the bed with it.

I bought this short, suede jacket with Mongolian lambs wool and trapunto stitching down the front a year ago at Neiman’s for a fraction of it’s original price! It had already been to every Neiman’s store in the country on an end-of-year fur/faux fur sale. The San Antonio store was the last stop, so I was shocked someone hadn’t snapped it up! I nicknamed it my “Lauren Ezersky jacket” because it’s a little boho and a little rock ‘n’ roll chic and looks like something she’d wear. Of course Lauren would have lots of unique silver jewelry and her little, sterling silver flask on a chain hooked to her belt… or maybe it holds business cards. Regardless, I WANT ONE!! Yes, I know… I mention Lauren’s style A LOT, but she’s one of-a-kind, and she’s so cool.

If you’re ever in a quandary about what to wear, a great pair of black pants and a great white shirt will take you most anywhere!

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Hi Girlfriends,

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  1. I love black and white together. So many options. Plus it’s also slimming and classic. Love the whole look, especially the jacket and bag.

    • Hi Rena, I used to live in BLUE jeans or business suits, so it’s only been in the last few years I’ve started wearing black jeans or black pants. For this stage of my life, it’s more appropriate and more of an “elevated casual” look than blue jeans or workout wear.

  2. Chic and sharp! I used to think that black and white was boring, but recently I am including it more and more in my wardrobe. So far I am lovin’ it and this post inspires me even more. THANKS!

    • Wonderful! Thank you, Darlene! It is chic and sharp… just a pair of nice black pants/jeans and a great white shirt–you can never have enough of those–will take you anywhere. Plus it’s easy to accessorize with a blazer, a scarf and some jewelry. Thank you!! Brenda

  3. Brenda, you look spectacular – and have inspired me to shed these blue jeans and pull my white ones out to go with my Johnny Cash tee-shirt. Which, of course, is black!

    • OR… if you really want the “Man in Black” look, you can always add black pants! This won’t surprise anyone, but I have a black Rolling Stones t-shirt with red foil lips I haven’t worn yet. I’ll probably pair it with my black jeans. Happy Trails, my friend! xoxox, Brenda

  4. Brenda, this is so ultra chic! I’m a big fan of the white button down shirt and gravitate to it when I’m at a loss for what to wear. The blouse pictured is spectacular! Oh and that belt! I adore Lauren Ezersky’s style too and she comes to mind when I put a certain look together. Can’t wait to see how you style your Rolling Stones tee!!!

    • LOL! I hadn’t thought about styling the Rolling Stones t-shirt for Fashion Friday, but I’ll think about it. Probably black leather pants and Keith Richards! (Dear Patti, I mean that in the most platonic of ways. I love you both, Brenda)

    • Since I wrote this, over the weekend I noticed women who’re wearing patterns. Granted they were wearing pink and grey plaid shirts or in one case, camo pants and a red and black shirt, but they would have upped their fashion game if they’d kept the pants and changed to a solid color shirt. Thanks, Cindy!

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