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Today I’m joining my friend Cindy Hattersley for our monthly Ageless Style series where we each interview a different woman we think you’d enjoy meeting.

If you like makeup and hair tutorials on YouTube then I imagine you’ve watched some of Nikol Johnson-Sanchez’s videos. Nikol celebrates and focuses exclusively on women in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and beyond. Beyond, you ask? Yes. She did a simple, pretty makeup on Henrietta, a vibrant 101-year-old woman. With over 600,000 YouTube followers, 3.3 million likes on TikTok, and over 270,000 Instagram followers, I’m guessing you’ve seen Nikol.

“Let’s get this beauty started.”

Nikol Johnson-Sanchez is a licensed esthetician and a makeup artist who began her career in her teens as a Ford model. In addition to the tutorials on her YouTube channel, Nikol is a successful entrepreneur with her own beautiful product line, Nikol Beauty, for mature women. I’ve bought several of her products and they’re among my favorites.

She’s a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin and she owns it. Nowhere is this more evident than her short YouTube videos where we can see her get dressed, style her vintage clothing collection, and put the finishing touches on her lipstick and her fabulous hair which turned grey in her 30s.

In our often too-casual culture, Nikol is inspirational and aspirational, that we should strive to look our best, not like we just got out of bed and threw ourselves together. And while we may not collect vintage clothes (They’re not as expensive as you might think. She bought a pair of vintage Chanel pants for $197) we can copy her style, regardless of our budget. 

BRENDA: With everything you do, you embrace aging and taking care of ourselves as a way to boost confidence and self-esteem. What do you say to women who’ve stopped wearing makeup and maybe aren’t feeling as good about themselves as they once did?

NIKOL: I address this on my YouTube channel because I feel some women over 50 have gotten lost along the way. They’re taking care of other people and they come last and don’t think it’s that important. I personally think it’s very important because it’s how you vibrate through your day, how you feel if you’ve shown up for yourself first.

You don’t have to do a full makeup routine. You can do lipstick or mascara, or whatever your favorite product is. You don’t have to feel that to wear makeup, you have to do everything. I think it’s very attainable for women that maybe have lost touch with putting themselves together. Maybe they start with one product and really feel good, and they add another product and before you know it, they’re creating their own look that is unique to them in their 50s and beyond.

BRENDA: I love the makeup tutorials you do on women over 70. What do you think are the biggest mistakes mature women make when it comes to their makeup?

NIKOL: Just defaulting to what they’ve always done and not assessing where they are now. I like to push them outside the box because sometimes it doesn’t work for us as we move out of each decade. Maybe we need to switch up our foundation, soften the color or change some things to keep up with the evolution of what our face is doing, and what our style is doing. The biggest mistake is staying the same and not evolving, not experiencing, and taking risks. I think a lot of women over 50 do that. They’re afraid of change. They don’t like change, but that’s the beauty of growing with your style, your makeup, or your skincare. You’re growing with it, and it nicely evolves with you.

BRENDA: All of our lives, women of a certain age have heard the term “age appropriate” as in “don’t use shimmery eye shadow colors,” but you often say there are no beauty rules.

NIKOL: You can create your own rules. Maybe what works for me doesn’t work for you, so there shouldn’t be a standard stamp for women who are more mature. It should be up to each individual to experiment. To have fun. It’s meant to be enjoyable, and you’re supposed to feel really good about yourself. I know that when women find the right products, the right look, and the right colors, it’s life-changing. They feel very confident, and that’s the idea. That’s what we’re trying to do. To build that confidence.

BRENDA: Why do you advise women over 50 not to wear all matte makeup?

NIKOL: I’ve found that having a little sheen on the eye gives that freshness, and I love having a gloss on the lip. If the skin is dry and dull or it doesn’t have that luminous look we want, giving that freshness makes a difference, so that’s why I say don’t matte everything out.

BRENDA: My skin’s been going through some age-related changes and some of the products I’d been using no longer worked. I’ve bought a number of your products and love them. Your Nikita Banana pressed powder is so sheer and gorgeous. It subtly sets my under eye concealer and tones down the shine on my nose without screaming “Powder!”

NIKOL: Thank you. We also have our new eyeliners and lip liners I developed. They’re a soft formulation, specifically for mature women because I didn’t want them to have hard pencils dragging across a mature eye. I wanted them to have high pigment and not have a pencil they had to work hard on. You don’t have to sharpen them to a point because it’s more of a rounded point. Everything’s softer.

BRENDA: Let’s talk about your vintage clothes. I can’t get enough of your short YouTube videos where you feature them. When did your love for vintage start, and do you remember the first piece you bought?

Wait for it… Wait for it… Watch until the end. I love this video! Nikol’s wearing vintage Carolina Herrera, but we could all do this with a long simple skirt and a white blouse.

NIKOL: I have always been into the hunt for the perfect price point and what have you, not vintage per se, but I remember exactly. It was 2015, and one of my clients said she’d bought a beautiful, vintage, red leather jacket…at a furniture consignment store. That weekend I went there, and he had all this furniture and jewelry, and in the back, he had racks and racks of clothes…And he had this little loft that had the designer stuff: Oscar, Carolina Herrera, Pucci from the 80s. He would buy estate sales. These ladies, they were Palm Beach, Miami Beach ladies. I was really fascinated by that little loft.

I saw this completely beaded skirt suit from Oscar de la Renta, an exclusive for Saks. Super, super, heavy, a gorgeous cream and white and silver skirt suit. I left it, and I was literally thinking about it in bed and thought, ”If it’s there this weekend, then it was meant to be.” So I went back. It was still there, and it fit. It was $300 and I thought it was a lot so I asked if there was any room on it, and she said, “It’s Oscar de la Renta! It’s $300.” Like, what’s the problem? I felt like such a jerk, so I bought it. I have that piece in my closet. I haven’t worn it anywhere, but it doesn’t matter. It’s so beautiful. Hand-beaded. Made in the USA. So that was my first piece. Then I studied the runways from the 90s to the 2000s and I look for the pieces I want, and I find them. It’s kind of like a sport.

BRENDA: I’m hanging on your every word because I’m envisioning these Palm Beach, Miami Beach ladies have the most fabulous clothes. Where do you wear these glam pieces?

NIKOL: That’s why I started TikTok. I talk so much on YouTube about beauty. There’s got to be someone out there that appreciates vintage, so my TikTok is about getting dressed and what I have in my closet. Whether I wear it or not, I’m at least showcasing it. Recently, I bought this Oscar de la Renta beaded dress that was that cream, same kind of feel, from 2008. I was invited to Peter Thomas Roth’s (skincare mogul) mother’s hundredth birthday party in Miami Beach. The invitation had gold and silver, so I thought this dress will be perfect. I wore it to the event, and I took a picture with her and we matched. The same kind of cream…It was so beautiful, and I was so happy I had it. It’s different when you wear your vintage to a special event instead of going out and buying something for the event.

BRENDA: So the short YouTube videos of you putting on these fabulous dresses are the ones you do on TikTok?


BRENDA: I want to tell you, you are the sexiest thing on YouTube. I look at you and the way you vamp. It’s just so natural and you flow and radiate confidence and happiness as you’re getting dressed, and I’m so inspired. I love those!

NIKOL: Thank you! I have a good time with them. You can’t take yourself so seriously. I get all the comments, especially on YouTube. I laugh at some of them like, “Grandma, please.” It’s just so funny to me…You’re doing a little performance and not everybody’s going to like it, but I have such a great time putting it all together. Sometimes when I think about what I’m doing I just laugh out loud. What am I doing?

BRENDA: You’re inspiring women to look their best. That’s what you’re doing! It’s not just your makeup and hair or what you’re wearing. It’s your attitude, and that’s so important. We need to see other women who are enjoying what they’re doing and are confident, so I love that about you.

NIKOL: Oh, thank you.

Vintage black velvet/satin lapel jacket to dress up jeans and a cool t-shirt

BRENDA: When you’re not wearing a vintage piece or doing a video, how do you like to dress?

NIKOL: It’s always tailored what I’m wearing. If I’m going to be home, I’ll throw on a pair of jeans and I always have a button-down oxford on. If I happen to leave, I’ll put a jacket over it, so it’s really the blazer, a button-down, and jeans. I try to always do something different each day. When I’m filming, I’m always changing, so I’ll be in a robe because it’s much easier to change. My husband will joke around when he comes home and will say, “Were you in a robe all day?”

BRENDA: There’s a photo of you on your Facebook page wearing a 1995, pink Chanel suit and you made the comment it was “the mirrored buttons” that pushed you over the top to buy it.

NIKOL: Yes. That was my first Chanel suit that I bought, two years ago in the fall. I’d been staring at it for a while on TheRealReal. I loved the color and I finally said I’m going to do it. It’s so gorgeous.

Same pink Chanel suit jacket paired with jeans and a fun t-shirt.

BRENDA: You’ve got another jacket I love. A St. John knit that looks like square sequins and the sleeves are black and white checks, trimmed in red with these fabulous round, gold buttons.

NIKOL: Over the bathing suit? That’s my flashy jacket. It was for the holidays. Love that jacket. It’s classic St. John.

BRENDA: They’re all such great pieces. I think the people who know me would say I’m usually overdressed for everything.

NIKOL: No. There’s no such thing.

BRENDA: Oh, good! I agree. Thank you, Nikol. I admire you tremendously as an entrepreneur. I’ve been down that road a lot, and you’re building such a phenomenal brand, so you go, girl. I have really appreciated your time.

NIKOL: I was very excited and honored that you would want to feature me.

Be sure to hop on over and see who my friend Cindy Hattersley is featuring today!

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  1. Oh my gosh I love Nikol. I watch all of her videos but haven’t seen any of the shirt ones about her vintage clothes. I agree she’s so sexy in those. Thanks for a great interview, Sally

    • Hi Sally, Isn’t Nikol fabulous? I love watching her vintage clothes videos and her tutorials. I’m there every week! Thanks so much, Brenda

  2. Hi Brenda

    What a great interview. I love her video about makeup mistakes older women make. She is on point about changing things up. We can get in ruts! If you still have the same hairstyle as you did in your high school yearbook, it is time for a change! Love her interest in vintage clothes. I have got to check out her makeup line.

    • Thanks, Cindy, although wearing the same clothes we had in high school can now be called vintage! LOL! Nikol also gives great tips about silver hair so you might take a look. xoxox, Brenda

  3. Women over 50 can get in a rut! So true! I’m guilty of that and it’s because I’m not sure what to try or do next and don’t want to look silly. I will check out Nikol’s videos and hopefully learn a few things and get a big dose of courage. LOL! It’s just makeup. I can wash it off if I don’t like it.

    • You’re so right, Peyton. It’s just makeup. We can wash it off if we don’t like it. Easier than waiting for a bad haircut to grow out. Thanks for reading and leaving me and Nikol your comments. Brenda

  4. Wow! Brenda!!!! I feel so inspired by this post and Nikol! Rushing to YouTube to watch EVERYTHING! I love that she is her own person and can laugh at the comments instead of retreating! YOU GO NIKOL! Thank you Brenda for another fantastic woman to follow and be inspired by, just like YOU!

    XO, Kim

    • You’re a love, Kim! Thanks for reading. You’ll like all of Nikol’s videos. xoxox, Brenda

    • Hi Elizabeth, Don’t you LOVE her hair? She’s such a jewel. You’ll love her videos. Hope you’re feeling better this week! xoxox, Brenda

  5. Nikol is stunning. I love her fashion aesthetic and especially the vintage clothing. I’m planning a marathon of watching her You Tube videos. Thank you for this post.

    • I’m so happy you like Nikol. Before I turn out the light and go to sleep, I binge watch some of Nikol’s videos, then look at the clock and realize I should have stopped an hour ago! xoxox, Brenda

  6. She makes me want to go grey! So fabulous, her tutorials and her attitude. I love this woman so thanks for featuring her Brenda. I just love your posts!

    • I hear you, Pat! I tried grey during Covid but decided it wasn’t for me. I don’t think it works with my coloring. So glad you like her. xoxox, Brenda

  7. I want to look like Nikol when I grow up! HaHa… Great story Brenda. Thanks for introducing me to her. I’ll be checking out all of her You Tube videos. Xo, Barb

    • I agree with you, Barb. There are a number of women I aspire to look like when I grow up, starting with Donna Mills. I follow her on Instagram and she’s beautiful and stylish and so talented. xoxox, Brenda

  8. You’ve got to see the video of her talking about when she tried a new eyebrow template on her husband and how later, they were at a meeting and she realized she hadn’t taken it off and there he’s sitting with three eyebrows! I literally couldn’t stop laughing! She’s gorgeous, smart and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Thank you Brenda! You introduce us to the best women!! Like birds of a feather!

    • Arlo, I saw that one!!! Me, too! I laughed so hard my dog, Annie, came in from the other room to check on me. She just stood in the doorway and cocked her head back and forth which made the whole thing even funnier! Hope you’re having a great summer. xoxox, Brenda

  9. I loved your interview with Nikol! I watched the makeup tutorial on her 74 year old lovely mother. I am 78 and very fair with the same issues. I really enjoyed it. I will be watching more on YouTube.

    • That’s great, Sydney. I know Nikol will be happy to hear that. Did you know she has a whole “Fierce Aging” series of tutorials she’s doing on YouTube? All women over 70 so there are more you’ll enjoy. Thanks so much! Brenda

  10. Brenda, I like the way you promote other women. You’re their cheerleader and not a hint of jealousy about anyone and that’s so rare and big hearted. We love you!!

    • Awe… Nora! Thank you so very much. I love all of you as well and am grateful to be able to bring you things I think you’ll enjoy. So in true cheerleader fashion, “You Go Girl!” xoxox, Brenda

  11. You featured such an incredible, gorgeous woman today who gives so much useful content in her YouTube videos for us with grey hair and over that certain age and beyond! Thank you for sharing Nikol, a gem of a woman and all her brilliant beauty wisdom.

  12. Brenda, Wow love this interview. Nikol has great style and is so inspiring and fun. We need more people like her. Collecting vintage fashion is so smart too.. I look forward to following her.

    • Hi there, Kim! Nikol has so many great beauty videos to share with us. Her vintage clothes are the cherry on the top! Thanks so much. xoxox, Brenda

  13. I’m 57 and have just started watching You Tube and Nikol is definitely someone I can learn so much from so thank you Brenda. Your interviews are always so fun and I learn so much from them. Have you thought about doing You Tube videos? You’re obviously a great interviewer and know how to get these amazing women.

    • You’re sweet, Corrine! YouTube is a whole other rabbit hole I could jump into, but for now, I have my hands full with my memoir and my blog, but thanks for the suggestion. xoxox, Brenda

  14. I’ve been sitting here watching Nikol’s videos and I must say there’s more about makeup that I don’t know than I do know. She’s just who I need so thank you Brenda.

    • Hi Pat, Isn’t that the truth, but as Nikol says, maybe we start with one product–or area–and move on from there. She’s definitely the one to teach us how to apply it right so we look like we know what we’re doing. Thanks for your comment, Brenda

  15. I’m a big fan of Nikol and watch her videos every week. Thanks for featuring her on your blog. I love the conversations between you and your guests and look forward to them.

    • Hi Karen, Thanks for telling me. I enjoy them as well and every woman I’ve featured is such a delight to visit with. xoxox, Brenda

  16. Hi Brenda, I love Nikol and her “Lets get this beauty started” videos so it’s great to learn more about her style and her love for vintage clothes. There aren’t many blogs I subscribe to anymore but I will follow you forever! You’re such a lovely person and one of the other comments said you’re a cheerleader for women and I must agree. Thank you again.

    • Oh, Sophia! You ladies are making me feel good today, and I thank you. It’s gratifying to know you enjoy what I write and the topics and people I introduce you to so that’s great. We all face more than our share of obstacles as we go through life, so it helps if we lift one another up any time we can. Thank you, again, Brenda

  17. Hi Brenda, Saw your photos of Nikol on Instagram and had to come right over and check her out. OMG! How have I missed this fabulous woman? Well, I know what I’m doing this weekend. Binging on her videos. Love you, Brenda! You always inspire whether it’s with your blogs or the women you feature.

    • Thank you, Pamela! Whether we know one another or not, women over 50 have formed a sisterhood, don’t you think? We’ve had similar life experiences and will continue to have similar problems and issues as we age, so it’s comforting to learn from one another. Blessings, Brenda

  18. Thanks for the great post Brenda. I wasn’t familiar with Nikol but will be checking out her You Tube channel. Love the video where she has the little smile at the end. You can tell she’s not taking herself super serious and doesn’t think she’s all that. My kind of lady.

    • Veronica, I had the same thoughts about Nikol. She’s beautiful and has a huge following but she doesn’t let it all change her or take herself so seriously. She’s genuine, and I love that about her. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, Brenda

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