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Tips for Fall from Neiman Marcus

It’s all about the color RED! Bordeaux, claret or crimson.

In the last few years my clothing style has changed. Gone are my power suits, but I still look polished and chic. My look is now what I’d call “Chameleon.” What ever I feel like wearing that day.

Regardless of the clothes, fashion is about confidence and attitude, not age.

The best purchase I made last year was a pair of black, leather pants. When Vinetta, my friend at Neiman’s, first suggested them, I thought she was crazy. I thought they were too young for me, but they’re not. Just because you’re wearing leather pants—not leggings, there’s a big difference—doesn’t mean you have to wear trendy from head to toe.

I travel, a lot, and never check a bag, so my pants have cut down on what I need to pack. Leather pants are comfortable on the plane with boots, a light silk shirt and a couple of long necklaces; add a sweater and scarf for warmth, or a dressy blouse and different jewelry for evening. Last year I wore my leather pants so much, the seat is now too baggy—which happens with leather—so I’m in the market for a new pair. Vinetta, are you listening? Can you find me another pair of black leather pants?

Last night a wide range of women, and men, gathered at San Antonio’s Neiman Marcus, LaCantera, to drink champagne and watch a parade of colorful fashions. Here are a few takeaways to keep in mind as you’re transitioning your wardrobe into Fall.

  • Create a fun, folkloric look with colorful fabrics under easy denim jackets. For a bit of a 70’s look, wrap them in a royal purple fur.
  • Lots of jackets worn over the shoulders. Velvet jackets with a light cashmere sweater underneath, worn with jeans.
  • Big earrings and multiple necklaces are still the look. Remember, one necklace is an orphan.
  • While you can still keep your heels chunky, comfortable shoes are back for day and evening! Yay!!
  • It’s all about the color RED! Bordeaux, claret or crimson. Don’t be afraid to wear them all together.
  • Forget the “no white after Labor Day” rule. You can always wear Winter White. Wear it head to toe, or paired with black.

If you’re a woman of a certain age, you’re probably wondering how you can incorporate some of these looks into your wardrobe. The answer? Any way you feel comfortable! We’re not our mothers’ generation! We don’t have to be prim and proper with our clothes. That doesn’t mean good taste goes out the window, but fashion should be fun.

If you’re not comfortable wearing a purple fur over your denim jacket, buy an oversized purple scarf. Fold it lengthwise, and wear it over one shoulder—even pinned at the shoulder with a great broach—or drape it over both shoulders like a cape.

Regardless of the clothes, fashion is about confidence and attitude, not age. That said, if you’re a woman of a certain age, please don’t wear tank tops with half of your breasts exposed. Black leather pants can be chic. Spaghetti straps and exposed, fleshy bosoms are just tacky…. Just my opinion.

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11 thoughts on “Tips for Fall from Neiman Marcus”

    • Yes! You can dress them up and make them elegant, or dress them down and be casual. xoxo, Brenda

    • Hi Estelle,
      Even if we buy only one piece each season, it’s a great way to stay current and continue to build our wardrobe. I can tell by looking at my mother’s closet when she stopped updating her wardrobe with a little something new. Not trendy. Just stylish.

  1. Great tips. Haven’t worn Bordeaux in a long time. Fashions of the Times arrived today so I’m getting in the mood for fall fashions.

  2. Great fashion update, Brenda, thanks! I’m that “woman of a certain age” and have always loved all things red–any shade, any time–but mostly tops and jackets. I’m afraid I won’t give that up as “age inappropriate”. It makes me feel good! I, too, agonized over leather pants. Loved the look, but sometimes felt them hot and restrictive. Because I travel a lot, finally gambled on a “compromise” pair I saw in the Neiman’s catalogue about two years ago, and love them. They have an all-leather front, straight leg (NOT skinny), but have a structured knit back. They give me the added breathability and stretch that all-leather didn’t, and don’t look inappropriate. They also don’t bag out. They are my go-to winter staple when traveling. I, too, just accessorize with sweaters, jackets, short boots, and blouses to dress them up or down.

    • Janels1,
      Those are the pants I need! Ones that don’t bag out. Except on the NYC subways, I’ve never found my leather pants to be too hot. This time, last year, I went from mid-town NYC, to Brooklyn, in leather pants and was sweating when I got to my destination. If I’m to be truthful…. I got off at the wrong stop in Brooklyn and had to walk umpty blocks to where I needed to be, so it probably wasn’t the leather pants that made me sweat, but my own stupidity! Brenda

  3. I love that red! I saw a woman today wearing trousers in that colour, with a pale blue shirt – I know, it doesn’t really sound like a great combination – but it looked fabulous! I’m tempted to follow her lead. As for the leather trousers, I’ve never worn them but you’ve inspired me to give them a try. I really need to shake my wardrobe up a bit this season, after getting rid of anything I didn’t really love I’ve been through quite a long phase of building up a good selection of basics, but now I’m ready to go a little wild! 🙂 xx

    • Essie,
      Nice quality, black leather pants are chic! Not wild. You can dress them down, or dress them up; as far up or down the spectrum you want to go. They work with every sweater, blouse and coat you own. Truly, they’ve been the best purchase I’ve made in the last two years.

      • I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean that the leather pants are wild, I just meant that considering how basic all of my purchases have been of late that anything other than jeans, neutral tops or plain dresses will feel wild in comparison. I don’t think I should be posting comments late at night! Essie xx

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