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The Beads of Life


This afternoon I found myself thinking that the bronze beads in my new shower are a lot like life. If each major life event we encounter stands for one bronze bead, and each bead threads itself alongside the last hard formed, hard-earned bead, by the time we’re a certain age, we’ve created—within us—a chain of strength and endurance that helps us do anything.

The hardest part of life isn’t finding ourselves at the downward slope of a bead, but climbing up to create the next bead in our chain.

Whether it’s the unsettling world events, the death of a loved one, or maybe a serious illness, it’s not the outward change of course but the interior change that makes us strong.

I never saw myself moving back to the city, again, much less widowed for a second time, but I realize that with this move and new home, I’ve created another bead. I’ve come to the place in this bumpy, sometimes painful road that enables me to say, “I’m ready to see what happens next. I’m able to create the next bead in my chain of life.”

Where are you on your chain of bronze beads? Have you come to the end of a long, trying time or maybe gearing up for one? Are you in a holding pattern, or are you ready to ride the wave up, again?

As you’re thinking about where the end of this year finds you, remember that each one of us is stronger than we think we are, and together, we form a chain that is unbreakable.

In this next year, if the only New Year’s resolution we make is to reach out and help someone who needs it, we may never know of the lives we’ve changed for the better. And if you need help and have no one to grab onto, you have God. He’s easy to talk to; just ask for His help.

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8 thoughts on “The Beads of Life”

  1. Great encouragement, Brenda! The Lord is faithful and He cares for us. Grateful you are in such a great place! Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a bright new year full of God’s blessing!

  2. You are a very strong women to deal with the many tragedies in your life. Obviously, you can see the positives and carry on. That is not to make light of the grief you have felt but just to note the strength of your character. God bless.
    I hope you find some joy in this Christmas and move into a bright new year!

    • Joanna, By the time I was 37, I’d survived more than anyone I know who’s my age now, unless they’ve been to war or been captured. When I told “the boyfriend from Hell” about my “involuntary time” in the Honduran jungle (haven’t really talked about this), that I was grateful to be home and safe, he told me I was “too stupid to know I was in trouble.” He didn’t understand my grit… for lack of a better word. You can let life destroy you, or you can find a way to move forward. Now I know God has always been there for me, and I’m even more grateful. Wishing you a bright new year as well. Thank you, Brenda

  3. Brenda, Have been thinking of your this day! Truly great and inspiring words to read at this time! Praying God continues to create in you new beads on the beautiful chain this is your life! Love and Hugs, Cindy

    • I’ve been thinking of you as well, Cindy. Stopped by and left you a comment. It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since Mark and James died. I think they’d be happy that we’ve gone on with our lives and aren’t clinging to the “what ifs.” Here’s to strong women and God’s love! Love, Brenda

  4. This is so beautiful, Brenda. I’ve been thinking about you a lot these past few days – this was an inspiring read. Much love, Essie xx

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