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FAVORⓇ SMOKELESS CIGARETTES, Photograph by Brenda Coffee, ©1010ParkPlace, 2018
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This week, Good Morning America (GMA) reported that the Surgeon General declared “vaping” to be an epidemic among teenagers, and “there are few treatment options.” What GMA and the Surgeon General failed to say is traditional cigarettes—as well as the current e-cigarettes… vapes—are more addicting than heroin. How do I know this? Because for 20 years, nicotine and smokeless cigarettes were my business, and I coined the terms “vape” and “vaping.”

This is the story of the sinister plot between the Federal government and the “Big Six” tobacco companies to put the first smokeless cigarette—a safer alternative to current e-cigs and combustible cigarettes—out of business because it wasn’t in their financial best interest.

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