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Two weeks ago I moved back to New York City, just as Fashion Week was starting. It’s been years since I walked the New York runways for the shows. Not much has changed as far as the models and the shows themselves, just the designs and designers. I haven’t kept up but was delighted to see so many great designers lined up for the Fashion Week Shows.

Because I made a last minute decision to move from Colorado, I was late being able to get into the big shows. They were already full. I tried not to be envious I couldn’t attend the powerhouse designer shows, some who were old friends and contemporaries of mine. I was busy attending many other shows however. Continue Reading

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Did you know there is a universal language? A language women speak fluently? Although, you’ll find more than one distinguished man who converses in this language with ease. Of course there are a variety of dialects, not to mention a myriad of accents, but it can also be spoken without uttering a single word. Continue Reading