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— Life —

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I grew up in the world of antiques and never left, sharing professional time as a dealer, auctioneer, lecturer and author. Invited to attend the very first US taping of Antiques Roadshow in 1996, I have since been to the majority, over 100 in all. Appraisers are chosen by WGBH in Boston, and are on their own dollar. There is no compensation for appearances, hotel or travel expenses, and all sign an agreement prohibiting commercial activity related to the show. This is PBS after all, and integrity is essential. I believe that is largely why (over 10 million viewers each week) love the show, and why we all keep coming back for more. Continue Reading

— Style —

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A blank wall is like a naked body — lovely in its most basic form but full of possibilities for adornment.

I buy and sell vintage art for a living, and many of my finds never make it into the shop. The walls of my home are hung with interesting woodcuts, sculptures, oils, watercolors, textiles, collages, and photographs. I live in a stylish and chic space that reflects me and my family to a ‘t,’ and our art collection was amassed at a fraction of the cost had I purchased everything new.

If I can do it, so can you.

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— Essentials —

Heritage Auction and longtime Antique's Roadshow's appraiser, Nick Dawes, is perhaps the world's foremost authority on Lalique. Rene Lalique 'Oiseau de Feu' Luminaire.
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Some years ago I had a most interesting and provocative dinner conversation at the Philadelphia Antiques show with table mate luminaries that included two museum curators, two collectors, two dealers and the editor of The Magazine Antiques. What a delight when everyone at the table is stimulating and joins in. A good eight can manage this in a quiet setting… Ten is too many.

“I just want to buy something every day!”

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