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Regardless of where you live, summer should be about cool, easy dressing with clothes that make life seem effortless. I’m in South Texas where even Annie and Lulu have turned up their noses at the great outdoors unless they’re in the shade, looking for Mr. Lizard or snacking on the jasmine, growing up my trellis. And me?

If I’m going out in this heat, I want something that’s not too tight, allows the air to circulate around me and is still fashionable.

All of the pieces of clothing I’m including are on sale, so if you’re interested, click thru below to the website and see the discount. I like this simple, classic Tunic Dress in Chambray by J. Crew. It has double side slits and can be machine washed. It’s easy to slip on. Accessorize with a long necklace, and it’s perfect for running around town or going to a neighborhood barbeque.

These Eyelet Wanderer Utility Pants from Anthropologie are on sale. The eyelet detailing takes them up a notch from everyday pants, and they’re machine washable.

Pair the eyelet pants with this cotton-voile blouse from J. Crew that’s also on sale and machine washable.


I’m crazy about these Ventura Wide-Leg Trousers on sale from Anthropologie. They’re a great elevated casual look for exploring Savannah or Santa Barbara or a dinner date with your honey. Wear them with a white Gap t-shirt, sandals, a straw bag and with or without a hat.

You don’t have to sacrifice looking polished when you have an easy weekend.

I love shopping online because of the options available to me. I’ve written about this before, but here are a few secrets to successful shopping online.

• If available, read the products reviews. You can learn a lot like whether the garment’s cut well, it runs big or small or it’s good quality.

• Know what looks good on you. If you’ve never looked good in cropped pants, don’t suddenly think that cute pair you found will be any different. That said, here’s a tip for wearing cropped pants: Wear sandals or espadrilles with straps that wrap around your ankles and tie just below where the crop hits your leg. The crisscross ties fill in the space that makes cropped pants look awkward on you.

• Not sure about which size fits you? Order two and send back all or part of what you don’t like. Most brands have free shipping and provide you with labels. Easy peasy!

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  1. I just put that J Crew chambray dress in my cart yesterday! You know what they say about “Great minds”! Loose cotton or linen pieces are what I look for, and I try to add lighter colors even if they’re neutrals. But I still can’t give up my black in the summer!

    • Val, It’s so cute, right? I love linen but not looking like I slept in my clothes when I unbuckle my seatbelt. Here in San Antonio we have those loose, embroidered, Mexican dresses. I used to wear them all the time. They’re so comfortable and colorful. I must get another one. They’re perfect to wear around the house and when I’m outside in the courtyard with the dogs. Happy weekend! xoxox, Brenda

        • Miss Beckye… Come visit me in San Antonio and I’ll take you to a couple of stores that carry them. One is “The Fiesta Store” and the other place to look is the Mexican market downtown. xoxo, Brenda

  2. Brenda, you ROCK! whether you’re writing about fashion, suicide, depression, or anything else I’ve read of yours. Thank you for sharing your experiences, insights and yourself with us.


    • Awe… Lucy! You’re the best. Thanks so much for reading what I write. You give me inspiration and encouragement with your words. You’re why I share my life. There are so many women who don’t have an offline social network. They don’t have girlfriends. I view all of you as my girlfriends. Because we’ve lived long enough, we have so much in common, and if not, we can relate to one another. Online is a great place… whether we have an offline network of women or not… to lift one another up, make suggestions and encourage one another, especially at this stage of our lives. I hope to be a catalyst that allows us to share as much as we’re comfortable with, because I know many of us “run into” one another on Facebook and Instagram, and real friendships are made and nurtured here. xoxox, Brenda

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