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Summer Undies


Has it been a hot and humid summer where you live? I’ve been tempted to go without underwear, or much of anything else for that matter, but don’t want to add “nudist” and maybe a mugshot to my resume. Just the thought of wearing a bra with elastic, underwires and clasps gives me the vapors.

At least girdles and corsets aren’t in fashion anymore!

That wasn’t the case when I was in high school. You might recognize my prom hairdo on the left from a previous blog. At least my girlfriend, Gayle, had a hairstyle that resembled chic! Isn’t she pretty? This after prom photo was taken by our other best girlfriend, Lee, who also had cute, normal hair that night.

Back to summer underwear… Instead of a bra, I’ve been wearing a Spanx, Thinstincts™ Convertible Cami. It’s breathable and made from a wicking, absorbent, fine-gauge microfiber with thin straps and the ability to corral, yet not compress your breasts. It’s cool and comfortable, like I’m not wearing anything.

It’s the ultimate piece of underwear because it also smooths out your muffin tops!

My other favorite piece of underwear are panties that have a no-show fit under your most body-hugging clothes. They have thin, almost invisible strips that makes them stay put–no rolling or riding up your backside–plus they hit at the waist.

Speaking of panties and backsides, other than when it’s time to ratchet up your sex appeal, does anyone our age wear thongs on a daily basis? They’re uncomfortable and just the thought of a thin strip being wedged along a part of my body that may not always be sparkling clean gives me the heebie-jeebies. A few weeks ago I saw two young women at the airport obviously wearing thongs. One was way-y-y-y overweight and wearing a clingy skirt. When she walked, it looked like two little kids fighting under a sheet of cling wrap. Very cheap and tacky looking, but if it was attention she was seeking, she got it.

For those who need a bra but want more comfort and support but not something hot and confining, here’s a great alternative. the Bra-lleujah! Bralette. These are all by Spanx. The Bra-llelujah has no metal hardware or elastic and the “smart” stretch straps and back mold to your body for a comfortable fit.

Stay cool, honey bunnies!

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21 thoughts on “Summer Undies”

    • LOL! Thank you, Melissa! It’s easy for my thoughts to sometimes bypasses what may be a faulty edit button. Glad you appreciate it. You and I think they could have come up with a better name, but hey! I bet we wouldn’t have thought of “Spanx” either, and that name certainly hasn’t hurt sales. Sara Blakely, the founder, is a billionaire! xoxox, Brenda

  1. Love this post! I live in Miami so terribly humid! I can totally relate to you regarding retro-panties, they’re the best. Unfortunately, I really need a bra, but I think I’ll try the bra-lleluja to see if I can wear that!

  2. I’ve just been introduced to “Coobies”….bralette bras for women, not teens, at the shop in which I work. I guess it’s supposed to rhyme with boobies () but they’re lightweight, comfy, and they come in a lot of styles and colors.

  3. Totally disagree with your idea of undergarments…Lets start by using the term LINGERIE and ladies wear lingerie for yourself! Pretty beautiful lingerie that empowers you to feel the absolute best about yourself. Lovely lingerie that is worn exude confidence. Say NO MORE TO GRANNY PANTIES SAY YES TO LACE AND AWESOME FABRIC THAT ENHANCE YOUR OUTFIT….. (Remember to look in the mirror at all sides prior to leaving your home to ensure that everything is smooth and gorgeous.)

    The fabrics and styles that the blogger has shown and discussed in the first pictures to depict her story line are from years gone by (many years gone by)…the fabrics for todays lingerie are OUTSTANDING!

    Go to my instagram account Lizcomuzzi, direct message me and I will provide to you a list of names for gorgeous affordable selections for everyday and evening wear. (I am not sponsored just here to assist all women over 45 feel and look their best!)

    • Hi Elizabeth, Yes while the undergarments of Scarlett O’Hara and when I was in high school are no longer in vogue, not everything women want to wear is considered lingerie. I own lots of La Perla, Fleur Du Mal, Agent Provocateur and a Carine Gilson camisole and satin shorts that are to die for, but in this heat and humidity, sometimes we just want to wear undies! Brenda

  4. Great post, Brenda! When the weather’s hot and steamy who wants to wear underwear? These are great alternatives to traditional options and I agree with you on thongs, I used to love them and now I can’t think of a piece of underwear I’d want to wear less. However, each to their own. BTW I love that you included the pic of yourself and your girlfriend, Gayle, you’re both cute! I have to say I disagree with Elizabeth, not every woman finds beautiful lingerie empowering – no matter how comfortable it is. What’s empowering is knowing what you like the best and being confident enough to choose that over what you’re told you “should” wear. Essie xx

  5. Yes, Elizabeth did read this.

    When I wrote about empowering, I was speaking about the subject matter of the article and therefore only referenced the subject matter as one form of potential empowerment from the plethora of options women have regarding their selection of garments. I was certainly not speaking about lingerie as the only tool that creates empowerment for women.

    As I read through the replies, it struck me Brenda that you are very kind to those that agree or provide praise for your blog. So unfortunate that when someone offers balanced feedback, you attack instead of seeking a greater understanding.

    • Hi Elizabeth, My response was in no way meant as attacking you. I was simply saying sometimes we want to wear what I call undies, not lingerie. Many times readers don’t agree with me and vice versa, but we still enjoy exchanging viewpoints with one another. I appreciate yours. Brenda

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