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Today is National Margarita Day. Considering my hometown—San Antonio, Texas—is renown for Margaritas and the best Tex-Mex food in the state, what kind of Texas girl would I be if I didn’t share my favorite Margarita recipes?

A couple of local Mexican food restaurants will tell you I like less Marg and more Rita!

I won’t go so far as to say I’m a Margarita connoisseur, but I can spot a sugary mix by the color of the drink. The greener the drink, the more mix is in it. Lots of places save money by giving you more Marg and less Rita, but that stuff don’t fly with me! I like less Marg and more Rita! Also I’m not a fan of Margarita “light” mixes. The sugar substitutes have an aftertaste that ruins the drink for me just like “diet” tonic in vodka or gin and tonics. Since I don’t drink Margaritas that often, when I do, I want a great one which starts with the tequila.

About 10 years ago I bought a Mexican tequila in a colorful, limited edition, pottery bottle. It sat high on a decorative shelf at the Little House on our ranch. A couple of weeks ago I broke the seal and decided to give it a try… It was awful… and the headache the next morning from just one Margarita? Oh, my stars! Even if I’m in the midst of a tequila emergency, this stuff is only for the desperate and the insane, plus it can’t hold a candle to the bottle of 50 cent tequila we drank in Mexico. No hangover, no headache, just a blissful buzz!

If you’re going to make your own Margarita or order one at a restaurant, start with the best tequila you can afford. You want a tequila that says “reposado” (rested) or “añejo” (aged). I like Patron, Silver. It’s not Patron’s most expensive, but it’s pretty fabulous in my book!  While many people claim to have invented the Margarita in 1937-38… they’re all pretty much the same. In case you forget the recipe, it’s in the little booklet attached to each bottle of Patron tequila.


1 part Tequila

2 parts Cointreau

1 part fresh squeezed lime


Salt, no salt, rocks or frozen. Your choice!


If you want to make a beautiful Margarita with a spicy kick designer, Jan Barboglio, gave me this recipe.

You may know Jan’s elegant, Mexican, handmade furniture and accessories. Her home and her daughter’s drop dead, gorgeous wedding have been featured in Veranda and Architectural Digest.

Here’s my interview I did with Jan a couple of years ago. Talk about a tough, strong woman! Jan has grit and grace! I loved her from the minute I met her.


And Jan’s personal style? She’s a little Icon Accidental meets elegant vintage. You’ll love her description of her favorite outfit and the airline attendant’s comment about it.

Here’s to National Margarita Day! Salud, my friends!

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  1. I rarely drink at all, but I find it difficult (damn near impossible) to turn down a good margarita. I like mine frozen and strawberry. I’m not a fan of the lime.

  2. In San Antonio, Margaritas are one of the staples of life. I don’t drink, often, but when I do, if it’s a place I don’t know, I always ask for the classic Margarita: Silver Patron, Cointreau and lime. My dad was diabetic, so we didn’t have sweet things in the house. I never developed a sweet tooth or taste for sweet drinks, although when in Florence last fall, I never met a gelato I didn’t LOVE! Until that trip to Italy, I could lose weight, easily, but that gelato… okay the pasta, too, is still around my midriff. Very frustrating! xoxox, Brenda

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