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All of my holiday events this year are casual with friends and family, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to wear something everyday looking. The holidays are the perfect time to wear velvet and sequins, even with jeans. For those of you who say, “I don’t want to be that showy,” or “Aunt Agatha will make a derogatory comment… “ You’re not dressing for Aunt Agatha. You’re dressing to feel great about yourself and to feel festive. Let Aunt Agatha wear her predictable prim and matronly outfit with the ugly sweater. Smile, give her a big hug, and tell her how happy you are to see her!

And if you’re the only woman in the room with some glitz on… Congratulate yourself!

That said, don’t overdo sequins or velvet for casual wear and don’t wear them together. A little goes a long way. Pair a velvet or sequin top with a great pair of jeans or black pants. I love this rich, green, velvet tuxedo blazer from Anthropologie. It also comes in gold as well as Regular and Petite. Notice how they’ve style it with a casual top and blue jeans. FYI, everything I’m highlighting is for sale, below!

Here’s another velvet tuxedo blazer from Anthropologie styled with black jeans and a white tee. I LOVE this look! I’m calling all of the pieces in my post, “ELEVATED CASUAL.” Grownup, with an elegant twist on casual. They’re chic, fun, and you’re making your own fashion statement without trying too hard or dressing like your daughter.

This GORGEOUS long, black, burnout velvet boxes top I bought… just a few minutes ago!! You’ll find it listed below in Petite, Regular and Curvy. I will SO wear this with my black leather pants to Thanksgiving dinner!

Let’s talk about black velvet jeans! I’ve been a sucker for black velvet jeans since my early 20’s.

Some women keep extra food in the freezer for unexpected company. I keep extra black velvet jeans in the closet and wear them everywhere!

You can dress them up, or dress them down, and they’ll always elevate your style… even if you’re wearing a Gap t-shirt. If you wear black velvet pants, style them with something simple like a tee-shirt, a fabulous white shirt or a cashmere sweater and some jewelry

Back in the day my favorite black velvet jeans were by Gloria Vanderbilt. Remember the little swan logo on the front hip pocket? It seemed as though I always had that swan imprinted on my hip which meant my jeans were probably too tight, but then tight jeans and high heels were the style.

Now my favorites are the Farrah High Waist Velvet Jeans from AG, listed below. They sit on your waist–no muffin top–and have a great stretch to them. They’re well made so you’ll have them for years.

SEE MY TIPS FOR BUYING ONLINE! Always check the size guides and when in doubt, order two sizes and send the one(s) you don’t want back. Most companies pay for your return and will credit you promptly.

Don’t be embarrassed to send something back, and don’t be the woman who doesn’t get around to dropping the box off at the nearest UPS Store! Returns are so easy! I’m an ace when it comes to online shopping. Even so I return three-fourths of what I order.

Here are some beautiful, elevated casual pieces for the holidays. I’ve included different price points as well as Regular, Petite and Curvy sizes!  HAPPY HOLIDAY SHOPPING!

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    • Aren’t they wonderful, Elizabeth? And yes… How can you resist that fabulous black velvet top? Smoking jackets… Haven’t heard that term forever, but that’s what Hugh Hefner wore wasn’t it? SO CHIC! I may copy you on that one!! xoxox, Brenda

  1. Love all these pieces! You read my mind…I was thinking of putting Hildie in sequins and something casual for the holidays! This is my kind of holiday dressing!

  2. I used to have a velvet fitted tuxedo suit, I loved it so much but it got lost somewhere along life’s journey. I’ve been eyeing up a new one but I can only find black so far and I’d prefer navy, black is versatile but too harsh for my skin tone. I’m wearing a brown textured dress (I know, it doesn’t really sound very appealing, but it’s fabulous) with very sparkly earrings for Thanksgiving dinner! Essie xx

    • Essie, I have a couple of those pieces that got lost somewhere along the way! I also have a black velvet pantsuit… won’t call it a tuxedo, although it’s very dressy looking. I’ve only worn it a couple of times, but wear it with an almost sheer, cream shirt, with tiny, metal buttons. It somehow softens the harshness of all black, but then I’m not as fair as you are. Are you in the States for Thanksgiving? You and David should come stay with me next time you’re here if you can. xoxox, Brenda

  3. Pretty choices, Brenda! Exactly the way I like to dress…”Elevated Casual” is my new style description.

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