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I love entertaining and having people in my home. There is nothing better than having friends and family gathered around my table. Do you feel the same?

Sometimes we need to shake it up a bit and go beyond a typical dinner party or casual supper.

Here are some of my favorite get togethers.

Supper Club

How to start a supper club

One of our favorite dinner parties is hosting our Supper Club which is 19 years strong. Once a year we host, and the rest of the time we are the guests, at a fabulous and fun dinner at one of the other couples’ homes.

We have hosted theme dinners such as my Arabian Nights where we surprised our guests with a belly dancer. Another favorite was a seafood boil on our deck. One host did a casual meatloaf and martini party. He served three different kinds of meatloaf and a variety of martinis.

You can make it as formal or as casual as you like. Read my post, How to Start a Supper Club for information on how to get it going.

Host an Ethnic Pot Luck Dinner Party

Host an ethnic pot luck dinner

First of all, hosting a pot luck is the easiest form of entertaining! With the guests sharing in the food preparation, it is so easy to pull this party together.

My sister came up with the idea of an Ethnic Potluck, and I thought it was so clever! The more diverse your group of friends are, the better this party will be. Have everyone bring a dish from their nationality! For more information, head on over to my post Host an Ethnic Pot Luck Dinner Party.

Host a Tips Party

Host a tips party

Everyone can benefit from a Tips Party. Gather your friends together and share information on your favorite products, local new restaurants, new book, your favorite boutique, etc.

This is also a great party to throw for a new neighbor or a friend that just moved to town. For more information head on over to How to Host a Tips Party.

Invite Friends for Wine and Cheese Before Dinner Reservations

Invite Friends for Wine and Cheese Before Dinner Reservations

via Pop Sugar

Even if you prefer to go out to dinner, you can still have friends over. I like to invite them over for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres before heading to the restaurant. This allows for some great conversation, and everyone can mingle and catch up before dinner.   For more details, see my post Invite Friends for Wine and Cheese Before Dinner Reservations.  

Another alternative is inviting your friends to your house after dinner for dessert, coffee and after dinner drinks.  

What out of the ordinary type of entertaining do you like to do?




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