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Beautiful Holiday Staircases

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If you are looking for some inspiration for decorating your staircase for Christmas, you will enjoy these beautifully decorated holiday staircases. These photos will make you think outside of the traditional colors and materials.

Decorating with Fruits and Vegetables

I have a fondness for decorating with fruits and vegetables, and citrus fruits go so well with greenery. Designer Tobi Fairley created this beautiful garland with oranges and cloves which will also smell great!

Holiday Garland with Oranges

via Tobi Fairley

I also found this beautiful foyer on Traditional Home, decorated with oranges, key limes and cranberries.

Festive Fruit Garland

via Traditional Home

Key Limes and Cranberry Balls

via Traditional Home

Add Sparkle to Your Garland

If you have access to electricity by your stairs, add small lights to your stair garland for some extra sparkle.

Elegant Stair Garland

via Traditional Home

Go for the Silver

Silver and green are an elegant, yet neutral, color combination for holiday decorating. I love both the stair garland and the front door wreath in the photo below, don’t you?

Green and silver Christmas Garland

via Aimee Herring

Add Different Textures to Your Garland

I like adding shiny magnolia leaves to the pine garland for different textures.

Magnolia and Pine Garland

via At Home in Arkansas

Additional Holiday Decorating Inspiration

At my OMG Lifestyle Blog I share 8 Beautifully Decorated Christmas Staircases such as this one with the gold and white bow. For additional inspiration, visit the blog.


OMG Lifestyle Blog

Do you decorate your staircase the same way every Christmas or do you like to change it up?

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