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Every month my friend Cindy and I interview a different woman we think you’d like to know. This month I’m introducing you to Ageless Style with Jacqui Getz.

While raising three daughters, Jacqui Getz taught school and later was a principal in the New York City public school system. Jacqui was an advocate for children, and she was as fierce as she was fashionable. Now, at age 63, Jacqui Getz is a pro-age fashion stylist who works with women over 50 to help them define their style and shop smart.

“Life is all about the details. Some details are apparent: an accessory, a shoe, a color. Other details are subtle, a twist that puts your signature stamp on an outfit.” 

Jacqui’s style is fashionably cool and casual and while aging may change our perception of ourselves, she believes we need to age on our terms, not with what society says we should wear.

It’s important to try new things, and we should enjoy ourselves with fashion.

Jacqui Getz and I had such fun, visiting with one another, that if we lived close to one another, I know we would be great gal pals. Here’s a small sampling of our hour-and-a-half conversation.

BRENDA: After you retired at 61, you got a master’s degree—your second—in fashion. How did that happen?

JACQUI: I knew at some point I would do something in fashion and styling. Before I retired, I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and got an Image Consultant Certificate. Then I went to a satellite of a Scottish university here in New York City and studied sustainable development goals. Sustainable fashion was the behind the scenes. It wasn’t about designing but the environmental impact, human rights, and government regulations of sustainability in fashion. I wrote my thesis on ‘Can small sustainable brands, run and owned by women, disrupt ageism in fashion?’ I care about ageism in fashion because older women are left out of this conversation. I was the oldest by about 25 to 30 years of the rest of my colleagues.

BRENDA: How did they react to you?

JACQUI: They were so good to me. I couldn’t do anything technology-wise but they were patient and taught me. It wasn’t until I saw our graduation picture of me lined up with them that I realized how much older I was, but I never felt that way. I couldn’t have been in a more wonderful group of women. The reaction of older women to my going back to school is, “I’d never do that.”

But my brain is working. My heart is pumping. I want to do stuff! Older women have something to aspire to, not run away from.

BRENDA: Your style philosophy centers around the details of style. Why do you think details are so important?

JACQUI: I dress in a very minimalist way. I don’t wear prints. I don’t do frilly, and I carry a simple palette with accessories and a clothing item that are not expected, or what you would normally put together…If I have a ring on that matters to me and no one else, that’s putting the details together. 

I tell the women I work with, “You have to be intentional. You have to intentionally put together an outfit that is more than just a shirt and pants. One that gives you a spark and some joy. You’re supposed to get that zing feeling when you put an outfit together, and it’s generally in the details.

BRENDA: Intentional. That word is so important because regardless of what our budget is, I think many of our purchases are random. When we go shopping, many of us don’t go with anything in mind. It’s like we’re throwing darts. We grab the first thing we see, or we say, “This is on sale. I’ll buy it,” and we have nothing to wear it with. 

JACQUI: YES! I love getting dressed in the morning. It doesn’t matter if I’m walking to the Met or I’m working from home…I believe we can dress for the occasion, or dress for the place, but there’s something to be said for understanding your wardrobe, and your style and considering it as a form of self-care. It should be part of our routine to face the day with confidence and optimism. It surprises me that this isn’t the case with most of the older women I work with. I go into the closets of women in New York and Westchester and they’re always surprised when I say there doesn’t have to be an occasion to put things together and have style. They can do it every day, just for themselves.

BRENDA: If you’re working with someone and she doesn’t know her style, what do you do?

JACQUI: When I work with a client, we open their closet and go piece by piece…While a closet, big or small, can have a bazillion different options in it, if there’s enough talk and support, the client will point out things that work and things that don’t work and from what’s left, we can find a pattern and name something as a style. I think it’s important to tell women that out of all these clothes, we’re going to find something that defines your style.

BRENDA: And you can do this over Zoom as well?

JACQUI: Yes, and we have so much fun. It’s not rocket science. I like solving this wardrobe issue for women who aren’t leading high-profile lives. People who never thought they’d hire a stylist or someone to help them edit their closet. In a few hours together, we can make something wonderful and as women age, we need that.

Jacqui’s skirt is from the Gap.

BRENDA: I found a photo of you on your Instagram account, The Details of Style, where you were getting dressed to go upstairs to your neighbor’s apartment for dinner. You said, “There is no such thing as overdressing for a casual dinner.” I love that.

JACQUI: You get it! It’s really fun to build an outfit that reflects our mood, and I’m going to walk into a room feeling good. To lose your identity, your sense of self, your sexiness and sense of beauty… No. We have to reclaim them. This is me! 

This is how I’m showing up every day, and I get to have fun doing it.

BRENDA: San Antonio’s much more casual than New York City, but if I meet someone for lunch or dinner, or I go to a book club or Whole Foods, I’m always put together. I don’t do it for any other reason than this is how I dress whether I’m around people or not.

JACQUI: But I think you’re secretly inspiring women, and that’s huge! Huge! The thing about my Instagram is I don’t expect my clients to dress like me. I wear a lot of oversized things, baggy jeans. But I hope other women will take some risks in their wardrobes, and I talk about that a lot with clients. What is that detail that makes it a little out of the ordinary?

BRENDA: What are some good brands that aren’t super expensive?

“I wear this Frankie’s jumpsuit a lot and added a leopard belt.”

JACQUI: First of all, my clients aren’t going to Saks or Bergdorf’s, so I try to steer people to Frankie’s Shop where I buy a lot of things. JCrew, COS, and there are lots of boutiques in New York like Chi-Chi and Daryls. I found this amazing boutique in Cincinnati called Idlewild and they sell a brand called November. Also, I have an amazing pair of jeans from Clothes by Locker Room.

BRENDA: I buy ninety-nine percent of my clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and underwear online because I know my style, my sizes, and all of my measurements, plus I buy based on specific occasions or pieces I’m looking for.

JACQUI: I’m like you. I will Google the description of something and search until I find what I want.

BRENDA: I just bought my favorite jeans in decades online from a brand called AYR

JACQUI: The best!

BRENDA: I am so in love with these jeans.

JACQUI: Which ones did you get?

BRENDA: The Secret Sauce in black. “Date Night” is the color.

JACQUI: Yes! I was going to get the white Secret Sauce!

BRENDA: They’re considered wide-legged but not so wide they make you look humongous and frumpy. They’re hip and modern without being trendy.

JACQUI: Love them! What’s great about AYR is they used the mother of the founder as the model. That’s what drew me to them. There are great small brands like Christine Alcalay, Flora Animalia. I send my clients online lookbooks.

BRENDA: There’s a photo of you in a pair of light blue jeans where you added pearls for your belt and repeated pearls around your neck. Talk about details. It’s beautiful and unexpected.

JACQUI: We were going to a friend’s house to toast her for her birthday and I also wore a pair of red suede boots with a diamond bow in the back. Completely overdressed for standing in someone’s living room.

BRENDA: No, I’d call it elevated casual. You weren’t wearing precious things.

JACQUI: No, and I was going out and that’s enough for me. Why deny myself the fun of putting on a great outfit?

BRENDA: I felt the same way when we used to explore the jungles of the Yucatán. In the ’70s, we emerged from the jungle into this tiny little village where they never saw tourists. I had on white Keds, white pants, and a white poet’s blouse with billowy sleeves. I’d used a scarf for my belt and had this huge, wide-brimmed Panama hat. Talk about overdressed, but the people treated us like royalty. Unfortunately, those days of finding relatively undiscovered areas in that part of the world are gone.

JACQUI: LOL!!!! I love that! It’s a trip and you get to put things together! Are you going to put pictures in your memoir?

BRENDA: I don’t know. We haven’t talked about that yet. I’d like to, but publishing a book has become so expensive. Let’s talk about hair and style. Your white, pixie-style cut and your glasses are very chic all by themselves. Any advice about trying a new hairstyle and glasses?

JACQUI: My short silver hair is super easy, and it’s part of my style. You have to find a hairstyle you like online and then stop saying, “That won’t look good on me.” Then you have to trust your stylist and keep in mind your hair will grow back. It’s astounding how a hairstyle can make such a difference. And it seems crazy not to use glasses as an accessory and enjoy them. Zennie is a great online place to get fun glasses.

BRENDA: Could women email you or contact you on Instagram and set up an appointment in person or on Zoom?

JACQUI: I would love that. Thank you. This was just a pleasure! You’re going to be incredibly successful with your memoir. I can’t wait to meet you!

BRENDA: We will make something happen, Jacqui! Bye-bye!

Thanks for reading Ageless Style with Jacqui Getz. Please leave me and Jacqui a comment and then visit Cindy’s site to see who she’s interviewing this month.

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  1. Thank you! I love this interview. Yes, dressing for the day is a joy. Ok, now I am inspired to get myself dressed. It is Feb 29th, Sandie Hawkins Day, right? I am thinking some sequin details:)

  2. I LOVED this interview !! I SO related in many different ways.
    I am forwarding this to my 20 yr old granddaughter who is a sophomore at Kelly School studying fashion and merchandising. She was born a fashion influencer… I was struck by your certificate at FIT…
    Can’t wait to learn more about Jacqui !!

    • Patricia, Very happy this piece about Jacqui resonated with you. I hope your granddaughter likes it as well. Generational dressing may be different but the “joy of fashion and getting dressed” will always remain the same. Thank you! xoxox, Brenda

  3. I’m that woman who goes shopping and has nothing in mind to buy and I’m a sucker for a sale. Nothing in my closet works together. Brenda you and Jacqui know how to shop online but just the thought of it dumbfounds me.

    • I hear you, Arlo. Online shopping isn’t for everyone. Lots of women love to go shopping. I’m not one of them, so online shopping puts lots of stores in front of me without having to drive all over town and go from store to store. That’s just not my thing. If you’d like to try online shopping, do what Jacqui and I suggested: google the exact description of what you’re looking for like black suede ankle boots. Always know your measurements and check their return policy. If the item you’re interested in is on sale, I hate to say this, but don’t buy it if the store/website has a “no sale return policy” because if something doesn’t fit, you’re stuck with it. Good luck! xoxox, Brenda

  4. If I wore blue jeans and pearls for a belt my friends would think I’d lost my mind. It’s so not me. I’d like to but I guess I don’t have the nerve to suddenly start dressing like another person.

    • Margaret, What if you look at it another way? You’re not dressing like someone else, you’re experimenting with your style. Whether it’s how we dress, wear our hair, do our makeup, or try new foods, we should always be growing and experimenting. I can’t imagine staying just the way we were at 20, 30, 50, or 60 because we’re not that person anymore. And to the friends who think you’d be crazy to wear a pearl belt? Are we going to go through the last half of our lives based on what other people think WE should do? My answer is NO! Think about it, Brenda

    • You, my darling Contessa, need no help with your style! You have that mastered and we should all take a lesson from you. xoxox, Brenda

  5. I love Jacqui’s style! How is it that I missed her? Have I been hiding under a rock? Confident, casual with a bit of sass….so fun. You did it again Brenda. I am following Jacqui and can’t wait to try those Ayr jeans!

    • Hi Cindy, That’s why it’s so fun to do the Ageless Style series with you. We’re always introducing one another to women one of us doesn’t know. Yes. AYR jeans! xoxox, Brenda

  6. This woman is exactly who I need to talk to! You’re the best Brenda! You keep bringing us these terrific women.

    • Thank you, Connie! If you’re serious about touching base with Jacqui Getz, her contact info is in the interview. xoxox, Brenda

  7. Hi Brenda,

    I adore Jacqui’s unique style. A favorite activity of mine is watching Milan Street Fashion on You Tube. The older women have great style that inspires me. I’ve been buying some vintage pieces recently that are well priced and in good condition. Love the silk blouses, sweaters and blazers from Escada.

    • Colleen, Thanks for telling me about Milan Street Fashion on YouTube. I haven’t seen it. The Italian women have fabulous style, especially the ones in Milan and Florence. I can’t wait to watch it. Vintage clothing is having a moment and I know several women who have turned looking for the right pieces into a science. Escada is such a great brand. Their styles and fabrics hold up so well. I think that’s exciting! xoxox, Brenda

    • Hi Beth!! Delighted to see you here and I’m happy you enjoyed meeting Jacqui. xoxox, Brenda

  8. I absolutely loved this interview! Jacqui was inspiring in her first career and now doing it again with her second career. You are the best role model! Bravo for focusing attention on older women and helping us find joy in dressing & developing our own unique style.

  9. Hi Brenda,
    Jacqui had it together and has a unique sense of style.
    Brenda, you also own a pair of AYR jeans in the “date night style?” I went on line and see that particular “dns” is not offered in white, or at least not yet. Do you find they are plenty roomy in the hip and touché area? My shape is more like Cindy H. Except I’m 5’6” I noticed they are not in stock right now. They look like they are cut well. How do you find the fabric to be. Light, medium, or heavy? Thank you for answering my questions.

    • Hi Katherine!! I love everything about the AYR, Secret Sauce, in date night/black. The fabric is a medium weight, and easy to move and sit down in. Click on their Sizing, under the video. With the pair I bought, I found the fit to be true to their measurements. If you have any doubts, order two or three pairs and send the ones back that don’t fit, or all of them back. That’s what I did. White jeans… This is just my opinion, but unless we’re very thin, I don’t think white jeans look good on many women. Opt instead for a pair of white pants/trousers. Pants hang differently on the body and are more flattering. xoxox, Brenda

    • LOL! I know, especially when you’re a savvy Instagram woman like you! Just goes to show you how many fabulous women are out there waiting to be discovered. BTW, you look amazing in that bathing suit photo you posted! I mean!! xoxox, Brenda

  10. There are no words to describe how special Jacqui is, or how influential she has been in my life. She was my third grade teacher, and I have known her ever since and I am immensely proud of what she has become. She shaped me and my life in so many ways.

    • Your amazing comment stopped me in my tracks, Dan. What a heartfelt meaningful thing to say, and I can only imagine how touched Jacqui is to read it. You’re one of the lucky ones who had a great teacher who cared and who influenced you. I’m so happy to hear this. Wishing you all good things, Brenda

  11. Hello, Brenda! As always I love your interviews with others and take to heart a lot of the tips and advice. In this one you mentioned her glasses as being part of her style. I can relate! I love my glasses and feel that, not only do I look better with them than without them, they are part of my style. Well, I recently had lens replacements in both eyes and my vision is now amazingly perfect. I marvel at how clear and bright everything is. The downside is I don’t need glasses and now I have a whole new set of concerns. For one thing, now I have nothing to hide my undereye circles/bags! I had considered getting the old style lens (which just gives either distance or close vision correction) but my doctor assured me the new lens are a vast improvement providing both far and near vision ( and worth the extra $3000 that Medicare won’t cover) so I took his advice. Anyway, I’ve detailed this because it may be info that you could use at some point. Actually, the main reason I’m commenting is to discuss the Stones. You mentioned that you think this may be their last tour and I think so, too. You also said you probably won’t go because of book expenses. No! I think that since you are such a fan that this is something you will come to regret. I know that when I’ve had to make a similar decision I always ask myself “Is this something I’ll later regret?” So I hope you’ll at least give it more thought. I’ll be seeing them in Orlando since I live only an hour away, in little Plant City, Florida. I read that the tour is only 16 cities so it’s great for you that Houston is one of them. Incidentally, I saw the Eagles last night and they were great. Don Henley’s falsetto sounds exactly like it did 50 years ago. Cheers to you and I hope all is going well with the book stuff!

    • Thank you, Kathy, for this fabulous note! When I had cataract surgery, I had one near and one far lens put in, so I can relate to not wearing glasses anymore. Glasses may give us the impression we’re hiding our undereye bags and wrinkles, but that’s not always the case. Depending on our prescription, glasses can magnify these problems. To some degree, we can lessen undereye bags by getting plenty of sleep, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, reducing the salt and alcohol in our diet, and with the undereye creams we use. Might I suggest Skin Ceuticals’ A.G.E. Advanced Eye Cream and/or their Eye Balm? I haven’t used the Eye Balm, but the Advanced Eye Cream makes a big difference. And yes, it’s expensive.

      The Rolling Stones… I go back and forth about this very issue, but if you knew how much I’m spending on PR for my book, you’d be horrified. Also, I’m spoiled. I won’t sit any further back than fifth row, center, and as of five minutes ago, one ticket would cost me $12,303. No can do… Let me know how the show was!

      The Eagles… Great to hear Henley’s still got it. I went to see Diana Ross, again, a couple of weeks ago. I was second row, center, 15 feet away from her and she looks and sounds AMAZING! And she’s so limber. I will continue to buy tickets to see her as long as she keeps performing. I saw her at the Majestic Theater here in San Antonio, and their sound system is terrible. But when I saw her at the Wynn Hotel in Vegas… Oh, my stars! Their sound system is fabulous. I also saw Lionel Richie at the same theater, and it was a terrific experience… part of that was because I was able to visit with him before the show. You might subscribe to the Wynn’s newsletter and if there’s anyone performing there you’d like to see, go for it.


    • Thank you, Hilda! I find individual styles so interesting, don’t you? I love Jacqui’s look, but I couldn’t pull that off unless I did a total makeover. It’s not my style, but I love it on her. xoxox, Brenda

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