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Darlings, 1010 Park Place has been home to me for a year now! I’m so honored and grateful to the lovely Brenda Coffee for allowing this old girl to put pen to paper and express my thoughts on style and trends. As a little “thank you” to Brenda, I thought it would be fun to channel one of her favorite style icons, Rene Russo’s character, Catherine Banning, from the movie The Thomas Crown Affair.

Enough can’t be said about style icons. Goodness knows, I have several in my fashion bag of tricks. Whether it’s a fabulous movie character or a real live fashionista, a style icon can be a springboard of inspiration just when you need it.

I have often referred to mine in many fashion dilemmas. A Google search of Linda Fargo helped me achieve an elegant, sophisticated look for a posh wedding. Diane Keaton in the film Something’s Gotta Give was inspiration for an East Coast summer getaway. Style icons are simply another valuable device in our fashion toolbox.

The reason why the character, Catherine Banning, is so interesting is because we know exactly who she is and how much power she has by her style. She is all woman, mature, sexy and smart. Catherine is the perfect match for Pierce Brosnan’s character, and together, they sizzle onscreen.

Ah yes, Pierce… He and I sizzled many years ago after a few pints of Guinness when he was an aspiring actor in Ireland, but that’s another story!

To recreate one of Catherine’s looks from the film, I found the perfect biker jacket from Lamarque. The “Donna” jacket is a sleek and flattering style that’s fitted for a woman and is a classic that will never go out of style. I know… Some of you may be saying this is more of a fall look, but my Darlings… It’s never too early to think about next season’s wardrobe.

In studying Catherine’s ensemble, I knew I needed a stretchy, slim, over the knee skirt. I found just the thing with a high waisted, Longerline pencil skirt by ASOS. A very versatile piece, I’ll be able to create lots of different looks from casual to dressy with this skirt.

To finish my all black edgy look, I needed a chunky lace-up boot. I found many versions of this style, but my favorite was the Cosmo Leather Knee Boots from Altuzzarra, but it’s no longer in stores, so I’m offering you some other choices.

With my Catherine Banning look completed, I’m ready to tackle anything that comes my way, from a roomful of NYPD detectives to one very handsome billionaire.

So you see my Darlings, style inspiration can lift you out of the wardrobe doldrums and reset your fashion game. Now I’m off to the Met for a date with a very debonair Irishman!

Cheers Loves,

XOXO, Hildie

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If you’re on Instagram then more than likely you already know style icon, Hildie Plumpepper, the silver-haired gal on the go. In many ways Hildie is every woman. She wears everything the rest of us would love to wear; can’t afford to wear or have the guts to wear. On Instagram, Hildie Plumpepper is a sensation. We’re familiar with her joie de vivre; the designers she knows; the women who inspire her—and who she inspires—and we love her sense of adventure and fun with fashion. This is Hildie’s first Fashion Blog, and 1010ParkPlace is honored to welcome her!

7 thoughts on “A YEAR OF FASHION”

  1. “Catherine Banning” is such a great character, and her wardrobe has stood the test of time. The thing about turning to a film for inspiration is that it can help crystallize the look in your mind. When you walk into stores, everything can seem the same, especially if you aren’t on one of the coasts. Everything is so SAFE. But there will be more interesting items, just not on the models. You have to know what you’re looking for, so it’s crucial to have the image in your head when you start out.
    I love your drawings!

  2. Oh, I love your comment because I hadn’t thought about that a film character’s look is “crystallized” in your mind. I’m so touched that Hildie remembered my Fashion Friday post about “Catherine Banning” and chose to use it for her first anniversary post. Brenda

  3. Jill & Hildie, I was thrilled you agreed to share your talents and fashion insights with us on 1010ParkPlace. It is I who wants to thank you with sincere gratitude. Neither one of you cease to amaze me with your humor, and Hildie, you sometimes have a look that says you know a secret the rest of us aren’t ready to hear, and poor Roddy McDowall… He’s usually hanging on by a ribbon or a strand of pearls with glee, surprise or mischievousness. He makes me smile! Each month I’ve looked forward to what Hildie will be wearing and scan your illustrations with awe and in detail. I hope this relationship continues for a long time. My love to you both! Brenda

    • Brenda Darling, I was so busy rekindling my relationship with that handsome Irishman that I neglected to check on the comments. You are a doll and so generous to have me featured every month! It’s been an absolute delight and getting to know your wonderful readers is fabulous! Roddy sends his love!
      XOXO, Hildie

      • Jill & Hildie, My girls, Annie and Lulu, have never seen anyone like Roddy. To bad we’re no close enough for them to meet. Next time I’m your direction, I’ll let you know, and we can meet for drinks. I want to know all the things you don’t tell you readers! xoxox, Brenda

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