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8 Ways to Take Charge of Your Life (Part One)


The first half of this year has been equal parts chaos and exquisite.

I’ve changed, although not overnight.

Rather it’s been a gradual process many of you have witnessed on these very pages as I’ve shared my reflective side. I’ve treasured your loving response.

However, as I return from a period of absence – I missed you, by the way – I feel a different voice, seeking release, as my fingertips hit the keyboard. So whilst I don’t believe our inner work is ever ‘done,’ I’m excited to look toward the future and share what I’m doing to propel myself forward. I hope you find what I have to say useful, starting with these powerful ways to take charge of your life.

  1. Take Responsibility

If you really want something, you need to take responsibility for getting it. It doesn’t matter how much others love and support you, ultimately it’s up to you to make things happen. Regarding my entrepreneurial pursuits, I have an enormous level of support from my husband, family and friends, but ultimately, I’m the only person who can turn up and do the work necessary to reach the level of success I envision. Nobody else is going to take responsibility for getting what I want. The same principle applies to most things in life, regardless of whether you want to lose weight, take control of your finances or finally get that university degree.

  1. Show up and do the work – consistently

Showing up and doing the work is necessary, although the real magic starts to happen when you show up and do the work consistently. It’s so obvious, yet it took me a long time to wake up to this – even though I’m acutely aware that eating a single salad will not make me thin – I still didn’t think to apply the consistency principle to other areas of my life. So, no more one-off attempts to get the things you really want, only to claim you tried, and it didn’t work.

  1. Don’t wait for fear to go away otherwise you’ll be waiting forever

A life without fear would actually be a life without growth and when you don’t grow, you end up stuck. What are you really afraid of? Try writing your fears down; it’s amazing how different they look when written in ink on a piece of paper. Now pick which fear you’re going to face first, and step into the unknown. Each time you do this your courage will grow.

  1. Give yourself permission

You could be waiting for a very long time (as in, forever) if you’re hoping that someone else is going to give you permission to do something.

When you think about permission, you probably think of being free to take action, but sometimes, in order to take action, you must first give yourself permission to take time away from your family; spend money on yourself; speak the truth you carry in your heart, or allow yourself to believe you’re smart enough, not too old, or the wrong weight, to do what you want to do. All you really ever need is permission from yourself.

I usually write fortnightly, but as this is a two-part series, I’ll be back next week!

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Esther Zimmer is an Australian writer, lifestyle coach and personal stylist based in London. She believes everyone has a calling, and it’s not necessarily just one thing. The home she shares with her husband, David, is filled with art and books, and her favorite pastime is packing a bag and heading somewhere new. Esther writes about life, relationships, body image and travel and can be found at

4 thoughts on “8 Ways to Take Charge of Your Life (Part One)”

  1. Oh, this series speak to me, Esther. I’ve been stuck for a while and am looking to break out of that. Fear is the number one thing holding me back. I look forward to reading about your experiences as they hit very close to home. xo

    • Thanks so much, Jen! Fear has held me back so much in the past, so I do know where you’re coming from. Having a ‘fear list’ has certainly helped, it makes my fears seem less powerful but it also means I can work through them one-by-one. Although I’m aware it’s a list that will be on-going as new challenges come along! Esther xx

  2. Love this, Esther! I have been in a bit of a slump myself, and am feeling re-charged after a time of rest. You are so right…success doesn’t fall from the sky. We must keep moving forward a little each day to keep from getting stuck. Staying focused on my purpose keeps me motivated, and provides a higher sense of fearlessness knowing I am fulfilling what I was created to do. Still, I can get in my own way with limiting beliefs. Looking forward to your next post!

    • Thank you, Susan! Oh, those slumps can be difficult to get out of, so I’m pleased to read a period of rest has helped. I love your thoughts on staying focused on your purpose, I think it took me a while to understand what my purpose even is, but you’re right, it does provide a higher sense of fearlessness once you have clarity. I think we ALL probably need to get out of our own way from time to time! Esther xx

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