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Once again, I’m joining my friend, Cindy Hattersley, as we each interview a different woman for our monthly Ageless Style series. You’ll find the link to Cindy’s blog at the end of my post. I love interviewing women with varied personal styles, and I think you’ll enjoy today’s featured woman.

Known for reviving the art of couture linens for everyday use, Jane Scott Hodges has been called “the empress of the monogram.” Even though she’s a traditionalist, she incorporates bold modern elements, and her contemporary custom linens and oversized monograms are washable and come in a variety of vibrant colors. Like many southern women, she has two first names—Jane Scott—and she’s fun and bubbly and full of great ideas.

Jane Scott Hodges and I caught up with one another while she was driving through Mississippi on her way to see Wynonna Judd in concert. 

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