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I know a lot about hormone replacement therapy. Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with estrogen positive (ER+) breast cancer, which means my cancer was fueled by estrogen. Before I started 1010ParkPlace, I had a Top 10 Breast Cancer Blog and the only Survivorship resource for families. Wearing my journalist hat, I interviewed world leaders in breast cancer research and was tutored by experts like Dr. Susan Love, who just updated the 6th edition of her “Breast Book,” the definitive, well-respected “bible” on breast cancer. I learned as much as a layperson can about genetic links, possible causes and ways of reducing the risk of recurrence, or getting breast cancer in the first place. I’ve spoken at women’s health conferences and moderated breast health panels. Even so, before writing this post, I researched the current thinking regarding hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

I tell you this because I want you to know I’m not new to the HRT conversation.

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