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Because I wore blue jeans so much of the time, my mother predicted I would die in a pair, and for much of my life, she would have been right. During my 20’s and 30’s I was a “blue jean baby,” wearing Levi’s, straight leg blue jeans with an off the shoulder, white blouse, high heels and BIG hair… my husband’s shirt tied at the waist, collar up, cuffs turned back and black ballet slippers… a black, Danskin leotard and Calvin Klein espadrilles, or a Gap t-shirt, cool belt and cowboy boots. I also wore bell bottom jeans with a fitted, black leather jacket, a white poet’s blouse and a wide, silver cuff bracelet. Now I’m craving dresses and skirts that are feminine and easy to dress up or down. 

My mother would have been so pleased.

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