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You can’t have enough inspiration, prayer, or good thoughts as you make your way through chemotherapy and a life-changing diagnosis of cancer. Dhremo (Dream-O) Therapy IV decals are uplifting messages that transform intimidating chemotherapy IV infusion bags into bags of healing and hope!

Created by artist and sculptor, Marsha Hammond, Dhremo labels are a result of a conversation with a friend who urged her to look at her own chemo infusions as being full of light and love instead of IV bags with toxic sounding names, covered in caution stickers. With that in mind, Marsha “dreamed up” Dhremo labels, based on designs she found on old apothecary bottles.

With words like “Vitality Mixture,” “Hope Serum” and “Clarity Infusion,” Marsha’s labels helped her maintain a mindful, positive attitude during each chemo treatment. With each treatment, she printed Dhremo labels and gave them to her fellow chemo patients.

Chances are, you, or someone you know, could use lots of Dhremo labels. Here’s a link to Marsha’s Etsy site. At only $11 for five labels, you might want to buy lots of them. For every package of five, different Dhremo labels sold, Marsha donates $1 to a cancer support center or organization. This first year, the donation went to Hopewell Cancer Support in Baltimore, MD, which offers free yoga, qi gong, meditation and nutritional counseling for cancer patients and their families.

As a personal note to Marsha, 1010ParkPlace would like to suggest that you—and everyone you know—supports Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C), the most fiscally responsible, innovative, successful cancer organization, looking for effective cures and treatment, on the planet.