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Let’s Send a Message to Fashion Designers & Advertisers

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Many of us are tired of seeing clothes, magazines and ads for beauty products that don’t reflect the women we see in the mirror: smart, accomplished, grownup women. We’re still the same women fashion designers and advertisers used to target, selling us everything from mini skirts and bell-bottoms to power suits and cargo pants, so why the disconnect now? We haven’t lost interest in makeup and fashion. Fashion and makeup’s lost interest in us. That makes no sense!

Smart, accomplished, grownup women are not only the best-educated, most powerful women in history, but we control and spend far more money than our younger counterparts. Even so, many brands act as though we don’t exist.


While raising startup money for 1010ParkPlace, a prospective male investor asked me if “women over 40 knew how to use a computer?” Another investor said, “We like to brag about the sexy new deals we’ve invested in, and there’s nothing sexy about women over 40.” Instead of telling them what I really thought, I’ve moved forward, without them:)

1010ParkPlace is for all of us who feel ignored by clothing designers, retail stores, online shopping sites and magazines that cater to 20 something women. For those of you who want to wear a pair of skinny leggings, but don’t want to look like Miley Cyrus, we’ve curated clothes just for you, and for all of you who aren’t a size 2, we have clothes for you, too!

1010ParkPlace will inspire you and STYLE INSPIRATION will give you a peek into the lives of strong, gutsy women who’ve reinvented themselves. They open up about what motivates them, what’s made them stronger, plus they give us a look inside their closets and talk about their ever evolving style.

In BRENDA’S BLOG, I’m interested in women as role models and how we’ve survived what life puts in our path. I’ll write about what defines us and makes us grow; whether we feel pressured to stay young, and if so, do we buy something trendy, or is our little voice whispering words like “Botox” and “facelift?”

Please forward 1010ParkPlace to all of the women in your email list: to your girlfriends, sisters, daughters, mothers and the women you work with. By helping 1010ParkPlace grow, you will send a message to fashion designers, Madison Avenue, and the brands they represent. You will tell them that the most powerful women in the history of the world are tired of being ignored. We shop online; we use Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and we support brands that care about more than just our wallets.


Love, Brenda


  • Janet Luzi July 27, 2017 at 10:53 am

    I am so fed up with women’s cloths today.its hard to find a long sleeved sheath dress that hits just above the knee and comes in neutral colors instead of awful prints!
    Older women don’t like to show flabby arms or bruising forearms, they want to look slim and classy not goofy with large prints! Why can’t the fashion industry talk to women on their late sixties about their wishes. I love jeans but not mid rise, how about at the waist???

    • Brenda Coffee July 27, 2017 at 4:50 pm

      I TOTALLY AGREE, JANET! Looking for clothes is so frustrating! You’ve described exactly the dress I’d love to find. For that reason, most of my current wardrobe is workout clothes, so I’m hard pressed to find something nice to wear to an event. For the most part, fashion designers and marketers are Millennials who aren’t interested in our demographic. They make “mom jeans” that hit at the waist sound in bad taste and prehistoric! If only WE could be around when THEY can’t wear these clothes anymore! Thank you, thank you, for your comment. I may blog about this tomorrow! Brenda

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