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Easy Make Ahead Appetizers

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December is here which means the start of holiday party season! Often I am in need of an appetizer that I can not only make ahead of time but also one that is easily transportable. This week I have a neighborhood party that I need to bring an appetizer to. On Christmas day I usually take an appetizer to my cousin’s house.

When I am asked to bring an appetizer, I want to take one that is already assembled on a serving platter. I don’t want to use their oven or stove, interfering with their dinner preparation. I also don’t want to take up counter space in their kitchen trying to assemble my appetizer at the last minute. If you host any parties yourself, you know you don’t want extra people in your kitchen getting in the way.

The following are three easy appetizers you can prepare ahead at home and easily transport to a party.

Goat Cheese & Bacon Balls

These Goat Cheese & Bacon Balls found at M-Live can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator. The goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil and bacon are a great combination of flavors. Remember not to crowd the platter too much when plating them. It’s a prettier presentation when you leave some space between each ball.  

Goat Cheese Balls

Colorful Antipasto Skewers

I made these Colorful Antipasto Skewers last year for Christmas. They are easy to assemble and look festive garnished with fresh basil and tomatoes.

Colorful Antipasto Skewers

Marinated Cheese

This Marinated Cheese recipe from The Kitchen is My Playground is a tried and true recipe for parties. I have made this before and it’s always a hit. You need to marinate the cheese for 8 hours so you can make it the morning of the party. Serve the marinated cheese with a variety of crackers.

Marinated Cheese

There you have it  – – Three great appetizers that require no cooking and no last minute preparation. They are festive and colorful and full of flavor.

Do you have a favorite appetizer that you like to take to parties?



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