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Darlings, when I read cardigans were making a comeback, I thought, did they ever go out of style? Every fashion girl I know over the age of 50 must own a few, and if you’re like me, you’ve kept your favorites for years.

Cardigans are a timeless classic that never goes out of style.

If the fashion powers that be declared the cardigan been out of fashion since the 90’s–when it was part of the grunge look–then I’ve been misinformed. Goodness knows the last time I wore a cardigan… I was not channeling Kurt Cobain! So what is new about the cardigan, now? It’s still the same classic cardigan we know and love.

What has changed is the multitude of ways you can wear it.

Looking at images of this “new trend that’s making a huge comeback,” I began to see my trusted cardigans with fresh eyes. The best way to wear a cardigan without looking frumpy? Try an oversized cardigan with skinny trousers, or I loved the way Alexa Chung wore hers buttoned up and tucked into leather pants. Another favorite was shown off one shoulder and tucked into a metallic pleated skirt with a wide belt. I also adored the midi length, Gucci cardigan shown unbuttoned with a pair of jeans, boots and a tee.

Feeling inspired, I decided to invest in a new cardigan. I knew I wanted one slightly oversized I could wear as a jacket or perhaps as a transitional piece that could work for late summer into fall.

Darlings I must let you in on a little fashion secret: Some of the best fashion finds can be found in the men’s department! Where else could you find practical wardrobe pieces with that classic edge?

It was there I found this shawl collar, letterman cardigan by Ralph Lauren Polo. It’s 100% cotton and perfect for those late summer days. Worn as a jacket, I can pair it with a striped button-down shirt for a little fun contrast.

This time last year you may remember I talked about my favorite transitional piece for fall: white jeans. White jeans are the ultimate seasonless wardrobe staple and can make any ensemble pop. My Ralph Lauren Classic Slimming Jeans will take me from summer to fall seamlessly.

In keeping with my retro classic-themed ensemble, I wanted to keep the casual vibe going with a pair of Adidas Originals Campus Sneakers. In soft textured suede, this classic 80’s style sneaker adds a bit of fun to my look, while keeping me in absolute comfort.

Every so often any girl about town needs a large tote bag for everything from shopping for veggies at the farmer’s market, to taking your favorite bottles of rose’ to a bonfire. The Barney’s New York Shopper Tote is extra roomy, and it’s grained leather texture adds a bit of polish to my casual look. In flame red, this bag says I’m all girl… even though my ensemble is a little tomboy.

So remember my Dears, when putting together an ensemble with this season’s hottest trend, you can borrow from the boys for a classic, effortless look.

Well, I’m off to raid the closet of a stylish handsome friend! I hope he likes marshmallows!

Cheers Loves,

XOXO, Hildie

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If you’re on Instagram then more than likely you already know style icon, Hildie Plumpepper, the silver-haired gal on the go. In many ways Hildie is every woman. She wears everything the rest of us would love to wear; can’t afford to wear or have the guts to wear. On Instagram, Hildie Plumpepper is a sensation. We’re familiar with her joie de vivre; the designers she knows; the women who inspire her—and who she inspires—and we love her sense of adventure and fun with fashion. This is Hildie’s first Fashion Blog, and 1010ParkPlace is honored to welcome her!


    • Hi Diane. Oh my gosh! You must have such a great collection of cardigans! I hope Hildie inspired you to investigate new ways to wear them!
      XOXO, Jill Anthony

  1. Hildie, I googled Alexa Chung and her red cardigan, tucked in her black leather pants! Nice! Thanks for helping me think of new ways to wear them. When I think about cardigans, I think about back in the day when Hollywood stars–men and women–would fold them over the back of their shoulders and tie the arms in front of their neck. That always struck me as a little too contrived and pretentious, but I’m onboard now!! xoxox, Brenda

    • Hi Brenda. Oh I loved the way Alexa Chung wore hers! That look with the cardigan over the shoulders would be a fun look to try again. I remember seeing that quite a bit in the 80’s. The possibilities are endless!
      XOXO, Jill Anthony

  2. I’ve never been a cardigan person, I have two in my closet and I’m sure they will still be there when I pass…many, many years from now. Once the weather cools, I will be donning my pullover sweaters of all different styles, colours and knits. My favourite being cashmere. I quite like the look of a sweater tucked into pants. I guess I’m styling!

  3. Ho Joanna. I love a pullover sweater too and I think I’ll try it tucked into pants with a great belt. Thanks for the tip! Maybe play around with a cardigan this fall. You never know!
    XOXO, Jill Anthony

  4. I am with you…did they ever go out of fashion? And in my book, one can never have too many! I love a long cardigan, the longer the better and am loving the wrist details on this seasons new styles! Fabulous post and tips! Great reminder on the white jeans!

    • Hi Suzanne. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! Your blog is fab and I know you can rock a long cardigan!
      XOXO, Jill Anthony

  5. Cardigans…I love them ALL! Long, duster style worn over a white tee and jeans to a cropped cardi paired with a Summer sundress. They’re a classic!

    • Hi Mamavalveeta03! Darling, you are too pretty to be called Mama Valveeta! I so agree with you and I adore the cardigan with a summer dress!
      Thank you my stylish friend!
      XOXO, Jill Anthony

    • Oh Thank You Hilda my good friend! You always look so fab! I’ll be on the lookout to see you wearing your cardigans!
      Cheers Love!
      XOXO, Jill Anthony

    • Hi Clearissa. I agree with you! Every wardrobe could use a cardigan or two! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!
      XOXO, Jill Anthony

  6. Why, I was eyeing a fat blood-orange cardigan just last night on Pinterest, and wondering! Now I will go ahead and get it to wear with my jeans and a striped bateau tee. Thank you for the stylish, and comfy, inspiration!!

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