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What is it about an all white look I love so much? It’s simple and chic. It’s effortless and fresh. It just feels like summer, doesn’t it? And everyone looks good in white.

It has a way of lighting up your face and making your skin glow.

Today you can wear white all year long, but it’s surprising how many people still don’t before Memorial Day. This idea started back in the 1930’s when the “well-to-do” would only wear white in the summertime. Back then, white clothing symbolized a life of leisure. Now this rule is out the window! After my daughter read this post, she said, “What? I never knew there was a style rule about not wearing white before Memorial day?”  

Pairing this oversized, flowy top with a pair of white skinny jeans is the perfect mix, especially with a simple pair of black St.Tropez sandals and a zebra print messenger bag.

Jane Birkin inspired this white denim jacket and white denim flared jeans. If Jane wore it, then you know it’s cool. Just add a pair of Ray-Bans and you’re off.

How do you put together an all white look? Play around with your white pieces. Pair a white tee shirt with a pair of dressier white or off-white wide-leg trousers. Add interest and texture with a white lace top or a white denim jacket.

What accessories do you add? A great pair of sandals, sunglasses and a little bling, like a statement necklace or earrings. Or add a pop of color against your all white canvas, like this orange vintage handbag.

I’m not a fan of style rules, so I wear white throughout the year, but I do draw the line on the type of fabrics I wear. For instance, I think you want to reserve wearing a white gauze top or white linen pants for warm weather. An all white outfit is my go-to look in the summer.

Wearing white from head to toe is a guaranteed stylish look.

So when you aren’t sure what to wear to that next neighborhood barbeque or weekend outing… It’s easy. Wear your White Out.

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Cherie James is the creative force behind the popular style blog, Style Nudge. She’s a stylist, mother of two daughters and two sons, is crazy about her three poodles and a life-long collector of unique treasures. Cherie’s inspired by vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces, working like an artist to style people, places and things. Seeing the world through style-colored glasses, she believes clothes can only take you so far. It’s how you wear them that creates fabulous style. Her mantra is “style is more than what we wear. It’s about how we cultivate and live our lives.” Style Nudge focuses on nudging women to embrace imperfection, find their own style and take risks to express their individual personalities. Cherie believes, above all else, that style is ageless. She lives in New Jersey with her photographer–her youngest daughter–and her husband, who‘s her biggest fan.

12 thoughts on “WHITE OUT”

  1. Thank you, I am inspired – grey days here in Southern California so all white will brighten the mood. Have a great one!

    • It has been grey for days here in New Jersey as well, but the sun just came out! I’m so happy you were inspired. Thank you Holly!

  2. I love this, I don’t think many women here in London would wear all white, except perhaps on a holiday in the Med, but it does look stunning, I love the accessories as well, the zebra bag and orange bag are fabulous.

    • Yes, the Mediterranean on holiday would be the perfect place to wear it, especially the Greek Isles (my favorite). Both bags are vintage. Thank you Judith!

  3. One of my favorite “cold weather” outfits is a pair of white jeans, a camel colored cashmere sweater and suede booties. It’s so classy and easy!

    • Oh, I love wearing winter white. I often wear white jeans and an off-white cable knit sweater. Your combination sounds stunning!

  4. Cherie is such a style icon. I totally adore her and it seems that everything she touches turns to gold. This feature is very timely for me as I’m not at all comfortable about wearing white in the UK – our weather never quite convinces me that the rain will hold off long enough to warrant bringing out the white linen. But, like all good fashionistas I’m up for a challenge and this will be coming to my blog soon.

    Thanks so much for this lovely piece x

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