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Photograph by Brittan Goetz
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Each month my friend Cindy and I interview a different interesting and amazing woman. This month I’d like to welcome you to Ageless Style and the World of India Hicks.

When I think of India Hicks the words history, tradition, family, and design are just a few that come to mind followed by style, author, service to others, and entrepreneur. The life India Hicks and her family have built on Harbour Island in the Bahamas is centered around Hibiscus Hill, their elegant yet laid-back home. The house is a mix of timeless British colonial, and the rich island culture of bright gelato colors, tropical flora and fauna, and pink sandy beaches. Add five children, several beloved dogs and cats, some lovebirds, a tortoise, and a passion for entertaining, and you’ve just begun to imagine the world of India Hicks.

If you think it sounds like paradise, you might be right.

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