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Once again, Cindy Hattersley and I are each interviewing a different woman for our “Ageless Style” series.

This month I sat down with Carolyn Espley-Miller, aka Slim Paley, a natural beauty with a well-honed eye and a passion for interior design and photography. Carolyn’s popular Instagram page, @SlimPaley, is a treasure trove of beautiful photographs of her homes in Santa Barbara, California, and Sun Valley, Idaho. She never fails to inspire me with her witty and entertaining writing and her love of gardens and magnificent trees, family, food, fashion, and art, and she has the best ideas for great martinis. And just when I’m getting cabin fever, her photographs of far-flung places like Sri Lanka and Morocco, let me live vicariously through her travels.

Carolyn has a laidback fashion style although when called upon, she can rock a red carpet like no one else.

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