Lee Peterson Baker

Lee Peterson Baker is a writer. Prior to retirement, she was a marketing communications consultant. Lee is married and the mother of two sons, one of whom is dyslexic. Her dyslexic son was diagnosed when he was in first grade at which time Lee added a new career to her life experiences. She became her son’s parent advocate, helping him navigate school with a learning disability. Lee threw herself into this role and considers it one her greatest sources of inspiration and achievement. She is currently working on a book, co-authored with her 28-year-old dyslexic son. It delves into the journey they shared together – the challenges, joys, pitfalls, and successes – and offers perspective on lessons Lee learned along the way, lessons she hopes will help other families, teachers, tutors, and anyone assisting children with learning disabilities. Lee calls Afton, Minnesota home as well as the special communities of Madeline Island in Lake Superior and Whitefish, Montana.

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