Lee C.

Lee C’s writings are an outgrowth of the nine years she spent as a Vedanta nun. Lee first became familiar with Vedanta when she visited a temple in Hollywood, California. Immediately she knew she’d found home, and her time as a Vedanta nun has set her compass for the rest of her life. When she left and began life on the outside, she told her fellow sisters at the convent, “You can check out anytime, but you can never leave,” a line from the Eagle’s song, “Hotel California.” When people ask why she left, she replies, “It was time for another part of my journey.” Even though she is no longer a Vedanta nun, forty years later, she is still in contact with the special women there.

Before she joined the convent Lee lived, worked and traveled in Europe and the Middle East. She has stories of walled Berlin and Interpol she will take to her grave.

Today Lee C is a happily retired business woman, a self-described couch activist and a nature lover who refers to herself as “this event.” She lives in the Texas Hill Country with her perfect, our-flaws-fit, husband, and together they enjoy fifth-wheeling around the country with their dog, Mojo.

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